The Dark Compass Season 1 Episode 3 ‘Dracula’ Review & Recap

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Transylvania lives again with Netflix and BBC One’s short series DRACULA, where we follow a new version of the old tale of a blood-drinking Count. Here on the AFTERBUZZ TV DRACULA AFTERSHOW PODCAST, we promise not to suck your blood, but we will be breaking down every minute of the short series, with some juicy news and gossip. Stay tuned!

Episode Recap

Thrusted 123 years into the future, the odds are no longer in Draculas favor. He satisfies his blood lust thanks to dating apps and Lucy. A young, uninhibited beauty who fears nothing. His feelings for her are nothing more than lust however, she is the first to offer herself to him willingly in the 500 years he has been looking for a bride. But she is shallow, and when her she no longer holds the beauty she holds dear, she is devastated and lacks the will to be Dracula’s Bride. Alone again, he finds himself in the presence of a familiar foe who knows exactly who he is because she has tasted his blood. His foe reveals Dracula’s internal truth and in turn, peace. In the end, he wants more than this life can offer him, and finds freedom in his long and forever connection to Van Helsing.
  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Jackie Rae, Emily Mae and Adrian Snow

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