‘The Crown’ Season 4 Review

Netflix’s hit show The Crown has kept us on the edge of our seats as we get a in depth look into the royal family and their lives. Season 4 is no exception and if anything kicks it up a notch!

The new season gives us two new female leads, Princess Diana (Emma Corrin), and Margaret Tatcher (Gillian Anderson). Both actresses are amazing in their roles bringing a beautiful sadness to each character.

The new season deals with many complex female relationships. We get to see Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Coleman) encounter her first female Prime Minister in Tatcher and the two play off each other beautifully. We’ve know Coleman is a spectacular actress and have seen her be exceptional in this role last season, but Anderson is really the show stopper this season. Her portrayal of Thatcher is impeccable and it’s a side of Anderson we haven’t seen before. Come Emmy time, she will be the one to look out for. The other female duet is of course Diana and Camilla (Emerald Fennell) as the two have the most passive battle for Charles (Josh O’Connor) possible.

The season ranges from the late 70’s up to the late 80’s early 90’s, which makes it, for a lot of people, the first season with events they either remember or know very well. We get to watch the beginning and the beginning of the end for Charles and Diana as well as the birth of their two sons William and Harry. The death of Dickie Mountbatten (Charles Dance), and the effects that has on both Charles and Philip (Tobias Menzies).

There will also be storylines that you may not be as familiar with though, like Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) discovering a horrifying family secret.

Through it all this season does not hold back. You will be horrified, distraught, saddened, angered, and anxiety ridden while watching. The actors and writers do an impeccable job of balancing high stakes drama, while being so passive aggressive, you will be as uncomfortable as you were watching the most cringeworthy episode of The Office.

Needless to say if you are already a fan of The Crown, you will thoroughly enjoy this season, and if you haven’t been watching, this is the time to start!

The entire season of Netflix’s The Crown will be available on Sunday November 15th.

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