‘The Challenge: USA’: Xavier And Shan Talk Shocking ‘Big Brother’ Betrayal!

The Latest episode of The Challenge: USA was CRAZY! Xavier and Shan talk about that blindside brought on by Alyssa and Kyland, plus where Xavier’s friendship stands with Alyssa now.

A shocking blindside happened on the latest episode of The Challenge: USA, where Xavier and Shan were sent into elimination by two members of Xavier’s Big Brother alliance, Alyssa and Kyland.

Xavier and Shan talked with Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News about the blindside and where they now stand with Alyssa.

From the first episode of the reality series, Alyssa made it known that she felt betrayed by Xavier on Big Brother and did not trust him. When she and Kyland sent the team into elimination, it was a move that shocked many, including Shan.


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“I had seen the way Alyssa was always all up under Xavier, they were very close in a friendly way. I also spent a lot of time thinking strategically, and I was like, this doesn’t make a lot of sense strategically for them to eat one of their numbers knowing that Survivor would be biting at their heels. Numerically it doesn’t add up, so I was shocked” Explained Shan, “clearly, they were blinded by their revenge and some pettiness, and that’s what their game was kind of driven by.”

Word did get out to Xavier that he was on the chopping block thanks to another Big Brother ally, but there was only so much he could do.

Just before the elimination, David told me my name was being thrown around. This wasn’t because people came up to Alyssa and Kyland saying to throw us in because no one is stupid enough to do that. If my name is being thrown around that means Kyland and Alyssa are saying my name. This was right before the elimination, and there was only so much I could do.” Explained Xavier. I knew everyone from Big Brother 23 who was on The Challenge: USA wanted to take a shot at me. It just didn’t make sense for them to do it now.”

Xavier continued saying to this day he still does not understand Alyssa’s move but gets where Kyland was coming from when he decided to send Xavier into elimination as well.

“On Big Brother, I blindsided Kyland and I’m also a male competitor, so I’m directly averse to his game. For him, I can make sense of it. When it comes to Alyssa, I was never coming for her. Why would you take out someone who’s never going to come for you? that doesn’t make sense.” Said Xavier.

Before episode 4 aired Shan and Alyssa had some Twitter beef where Alyssa called out Shan for spreading rumors, and Shan responded by saying she used the Cookout to benefit from the culture. Something Shan says she still stands by.

“I think Alyssa hung around a group of people that she probably was not invested in but wanted to still be in the light and wanted to be a part of the hype, and I think she benefitted from their success.” Explained Shan.

Although there has been some time since filming wrapped, Xavier doesn’t know if he and Alyssa’s friendship could ever be the same.

“We were extremely close and would talk every day, but now I don’t think we will get back to that. I don’t have any hate for her, and I think she is a great woman, but for me trying to protect my peace and my energy, I don’t know if I could let her get that close to me again given that we may see each other on future shows.”

Catch the full interview with Xavier and Shan below. The Challenge: USA airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. PT on CBS.

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