‘The Challenge: USA’: Tiffany Mitchell and Cashel Barnet Talk Blindside Elimination Loss!

Tiffany Mitchell and Cashel Barnett are back on the TV screens competing in The Challenge: USA. They talk about their experience on the show, and the unexpected elimination, plus Tiffany gives her thoughts on What Cashay had to say about her gameplay. 

Two fan favorites, Tiffany Mitchell and Cashel Barnet were the latest to get eliminated from The Challenge: USA leaving 24 competitors to continue to battle it out for the grand cash prize of $500,000.

Mitchel and Barnet talked with Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News about their time in the game.

Episode two was anything but disappointing. After “The Algorithm” twist, the teams switched up, and Mitchel and Barnet were now partners.


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Right off the bat, the two were a solid team, but Mitchell knew even though she had a good teammate, she still had a target on her back due to her historic season and alliance on Big Brother.

“I figured that people would see me as if nothing, a social threat because of the relationships they watched me build with people in the Big Brother House, so I knew I would have a target on my back.”

Unlike Mitchell, Barnet was somewhat of a wild card coming from Love Island. Because of the premise of the reality show, many contestants did not know if Barnet would be a threat or not. Something that the Love Island alum wanted to use to his advantage.


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“It was nice to be slept on and coming in having people thinking he’s just a short shorts lounge around the pool kind of guy… I don’t think I did my due diligence in staying in the shadows and got excited and showed my cards.” Explained Barnet.

One player who is continuing to play more of a low-key game is Angela Rummans, a player that Barnet says surprised him the most coming into The Challenge House.

“ I just put my learning cap on, and I was like, Angela is running this. She did a great job at staying in the shadows. Even though she won the challenge with Tyson in the first round, she still did a good job staying back.”

The daily challenge tested out how well Tiffany and Cashel could work together. The two players and the rest of the cast had to jump onto one of two buoys hanging above water and collect five letters at a time to form as many words as possible.

Tyson wins again along with his new partner Justine, who Tiffany said surprised her the most coming into the game.

“I did not know Justine’s abilities because I did not watch Love Island… Justine was doing those Challenges like it was nothing, and I was impressed.”

Winning challenges was not the only thing Tiffany had to worry about. Cashay was not too happy seeing Tiffany and her ex Cinco flirting. She later vented her frustrations to Kyra, saying Tiffany is intimidated by beautiful women, something that Tiffany says felt like a personal attack instead of a gameplay move.

“I think there is room for growth and assessing a player and a person. You may not like the way somebody is playing their game… And I knew there was a lot of talking about me, and I don’t think any of it was related to gameplay. I think it was all personal. I never watched Love Island, I did not know who Cashay was, I did not know her relationship, and I did not know Cinco’s relationship. I never asked him because it did not have anything to do with me. I mind my own business… The attacks on me or her opinions about me is very high school, it’s giving high school.”

During elimination, Tiffany and Cashel were met with a blindside when they found out they were the ones going in against James and Cayla. Prior, Tiffany had a conversation with Tyson where he made it seem that Enzo and Alyssa would be the ones going in, making the Big Brother alum feel safe for the time being.

“I did trust Tyson. I was like okay, Tyson told me I’m safe, and he could very well be lying, but why make me feel so comfortable. You don’t have to throw me off my square… There were a lot of strong competitors who I felt were stronger than me.”

The arena is called knowledge is powered, and all four players had to light up their stations by pedaling their bikes and then memorizing symbols they would recreate on a wall. In the beginning, it seemed like both players would be victorious, especially seeing how fast Cashel was going on his bike, but in the end, it was not enough, and they were eliminated from the game.

“We both gave it our all. The cards were stacked, and I couldn’t see Kayla or James while we were going, but at the same time, I couldn’t care less. I put my head down, and I spun as fast as I could. And it sucks, but it’s just how it went down that day.” Said, Cashel.

Tiffany also revealed something that viewers didn’t get to see, she said she had an injury and it took a while to heal.

“I sprained my ankle, and it took a while, but I can finally wear a heel. I couldn’t wear a heel for two months.”

Although Cashel and Tiffany are no longer competing on the show, Tiffany shared some final words.

“It’s going to be so boring, and I bet they will still be talking about me even though I’m no longer there.”

The Challenge: USA airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. PT on CBS. Catch the full interview with Tiffany and Cashel below.

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