‘The Challenge: USA’: Tasha Fox And James Wallington Talk Secret Elimination Plan!

The latest episode of The Challenge: USA saw an alliance start to crumble as the challengers get closer to reaching the final. 

Tasha Fox and James Wallington were the latest team to get eliminated from the game. They both talked to Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News about what caused them to lose the daily challenge and who they potentially almost went against in elimination.

Both Tasha and James were heavy hitters when the Algorithm paired them up. Tasha, coming from Survivor had the advantage when it came to competing in challenges and social play. But being a rookie on The Challenge, she soon saw this game was a different beast.

“I wish I were more prepared for the rigors of The Challenge. I didn’t bring protein shakes, I didn’t bring energy bars. I didn’t fuel my body the way that I needed to. On Survivor, you’re used to being on empty while competing in challenges.” Explained Tasha on her biggest regret while on the show. “I’m a professional bodybuilder, I was in the middle of training, so physically, I was prepared I just didn’t do everything I needed to do to sustain my physicality on the show.”


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With only three people from The Amazing Race competing, James saw his alliance was at the bottom from the start and knew they had to fight twice as hard to stay in the game.


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“We didn’t have the numbers. Whenever a team like Survivor or Big Brother was in power, Amazing Race just always seemed to be an option if we weren’t partnered with a show that was in power. I wish there were more Amazing Racers in the mix because that would have been a lot more chaotic if all the shows are even because then it’s truly a gamble and a free for all. No one will be afraid to take a shot at a show because everyone has the numbers.” Explained James.

During the Daily Challenge, The players competed in a game called “Hang On Man” where teams had to build a staircase up a platform where one had to hold a heavy bar. The other teammate had to figure out the game’s phrase by running and selecting a letter. Each letter they get wrong results in a bag of sand clipped to their bar. If the bar drops or the person falls, they are out.

Unfortunately for Tasha and James, they were the first to lose, sending them straight to elimination. Tasha says this challenge boiled down to communication.

“This was an easy challenge. I think it was just bad communication. I didn’t even fall, the bag touched the mat, that was it. One thing I’ll say about The Challenge when it’s time to do The Challenge, you’re instantly off, there’s no strategy. On Survivor Jeff Probst will give you a moment to strategize, you don’t have that on The Challenge. Maybe if we had some time to talk about what we were going to do it would have been a different outcome, but everything happens for a reason, and if I was going to go out, I’m glad to go out with James, who is so positive and nurturing.” Said Tasha.


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Back at the house, tensions were high after Leo found out his team could go into elimination and thought James wanted to go in against him. Since they were both in the same alliance, Leo wasn’t too happy, but James said it was all a misunderstanding.


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“I was trying to give Leo the heads up that he is the option. I even said I would prefer not to go against you, but he’s not hearing that. He’s hearing, I’m an option, and James being in elimination has a say, and it sounds like he wants to go against me. That wasn’t the case at all.” Explained James.

James and Tasha ended up going against Cashay and Dom, but Tasha says there was another team that could have potentially gone in against them that viewers didn’t see.

“We talked to Kyland and Angela about going against David and Shannon because Big Brother was not as tight as people thought, so we felt there was a crack. We hoped Angela and Ky could put David in because it would have been the best option for us.” Explained Tasha.

In The Arena, both teams battled it out in a game called “Plug and Play”, where one team had to jump into a tank filled with water and release building blocks handing them over to their teammate, who must stack them up into a tower. It was a close match, but James and Tasha did not win and were sent home.

“I should have been in the water because I’m 5’3. We had no idea how thick those pieces were and how tall the structure would be, and James, I call him supermodel tall, he’s so tall he could have thrown those pieces up there like nothing, but on the challenge, once it’s time to go, it’s time to go. You have very little time to strategize.” Explained Tasha about what she would have done differently during elimination.

The Challenge: USA airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. PT on CBS. Catch the full interview with Tasha and James below.

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