‘The Challenge: USA’: Leo Temory Talks Competing In His First Hall Brawl!

The Challenge: USA is changing it up. Leo Temory talks about the unexpected twist, and what really happened after competing in the iconic Hall Brawl elimination. 

It’s a different game on The Challenge: USA as the players found out from T.J. that they are no longer working in pairs and will now compete for themselves.

In the end, Leo Temory was sent into elimination, where he faced off against Enzo Palumbo in the iconic Hall Brawl.

Leo talked with Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News about competing in his first Hall Brawl, what viewers didn’t see after, and his thoughts on Sarah wanting to go into elimination in his place.

The remaining players were caught off guard when T.J. revealed it would be an individual game. According to Leo, this new twist had the possibility of working in his favor in the next daily challenge, where he proved he was a true competitor coming in second, almost beating Ben.


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“On one side, I loved that it was individual so I could showcase my talents and no one could talk s**t. No one could say I don’t want to be partnered with him. Now you’re not partnered with me, and look how well I did. I won that daily challenge, go look at the tapes, I won.” Explained Leo.

After Deliberation, Ben and Angela chose Leo to go into elimination against Enzo, but Leo revealed that Angela didn’t want him to go in.

“They didn’t show that Angela did not want me to go into elimination, she would have rather had someone else go in, but they had to stick with the numbers because people are scared to make moves.” Said Leo. “The only other option was David, and she said she would pitch that angle versus me.”

Before Leo learned he would have to go against Enzo, Sarah pitched a challenge first, that she should get sent in to go against Enzo.

“At this point, people are getting desperate trying to figure out how they are going to get their money. Sarah threw it out there, and I was like, come on Sarah that’s crazy. If you want to, go ahead, I doubt they would allow that.” Said Leo. “It wouldn’t have gone in her favor in a hall brawl because of the different weight class. He had 60 pounds on me, so imagine how much weight he had on her.”

Going into the Hall Brawl Leo knew he had his work cut out for him. In the end, though he gave it everything he had, Leo was eliminated.

“Enzo had 60 pounds on me, so unfortunately when I went in there… The momentum he had just destroyed me I had no chance of winning that.” Explained Leo.

During the episode, it seemed that Leo did not want to say goodbye to everyone because of the outcome of the final, but he said that was not the case.

“Unfortunately afterward, I had to sit in the back, and the medics were looking at me and said I had to g to the hospital and get myself checked out, that’s why I couldn’t go and say bye to T.J. That clip of me calling everyone a snake was when me and Sarah were blindsided, that wasn’t from that day. I didn’t get to do my exit interviews and found out in the hospital I had a concussion.” Said Leo.

Now that Leo is back home he said the several bars he owns are thriving and his relationship with his girlfriend is better than ever.

The Challenge: USA airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. PT on CBS.

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