‘The Challenge: USA’: David Alexander Wants “Sweet Revenge” If Asked To Come Back!

David Alexander wants respect put on his name! The Big Brother alum is talking all about the latest episode of The Challenge: USA, and he’s calling out his doubters, saying he wants to come back to compete again next season and get sweet revenge. 

The Challenge: USA final episode is right around the corner, and the stakes are higher than ever for the remaining players.

David Alexander was the latest person to get eliminated from the game after an intense battle with Enzo. David talked with Challenge Reality News about being underestimated in the game and how he plans to come back better than ever.


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“I’m used to people, in some instances, doubting me. Some people feel like they have a read on you and have certain expectations, and I love to prove people wrong. While I did have that there, it got me to the end. I read that, I understood it, I could feel it, I could sense it. That motivated me every single challenge and every single elimination, even if I wasn’t in it, I was still motivated like I could go in it.” Explained David about being underestimated in the game.

Coming in last during the daily challenge David was prepared to go into elimination and wanted to make a big move by going against Tyson or Dom in the Arena.

Angela, however, had other plans and wanted to protect the Survivor men. To David’s surprise, She decided to send in Big Brother alum and David’s good friend Enzo. At the time, David had no idea about the alliance Angela and Alyssa had with the Survivor guys.

“I knew Angela was tight with Tyson, and I knew saying Tyson wasn’t going to get me Tyson, and that’s why I said, Tyson or Dom. When Angela ultimately chose Enzo, I thought Survivor was running things… I thought that they were threatening her saying hey if you throw any of the Survivor guys in, we won’t keep you safe. I didn’t know she was the mastermind behind the game plan of wanting to team up with Survivor”. Explained David.

While David wasn’t happy with the decision that was made, he does give respect to the Survivor players on how they are playing the game.

“It hurt because I was thinking team BB, we’re going to represent our shows, but as I’m looking back on it, it is an individual game and some people kind of forgot that there still alliances.” Said David, “The coolest thing I did see was that Survivor, despite their differences, were able to settle those differences when it mattered the most to get each other a chance to win the game. With Big Brother, we failed to do that. ”

It wasn’t just Angela’s decision to send in Enzo, Ben also ultimately agreed with the Big Brother alum, something that David says wasn’t a smart move.


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“It wasn’t the move Ben wanted to do. He literally just went with what Angela wanted and sent in his friend. I was tight with Ben also, we had a good comradery. Between Ben, Enzo, and myself, we got along very well, and it sucks because he didn’t agree with the move, and he got manipulated or convinced to do it.” Said David.

Although David’s time on The Challenge: USA has ended, don’t count him out just yet. David has been training and is on his way to being in the best shape of his life. He says he’s ready to come back and compete twice as hard.


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“My dream would be to play against some of the people I saw this season, given that a lot of them doubted me, and there should be some respect there, and if there’s not, I have an opportunity to have a target.” Said David. “I’m good at chasing goals and individuals to better myself, so if I get a chance to do this again, I would love to play with the same people to get sweet revenge.”

The Challenge: USA airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. PT on CBS.

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