‘The Challenge: USA’: Cashay Proudfoot Explains Why Fab Five Alliance Did Not Last!

We’re counting down until the finale of The Challenge: USA! Cashay Proudfoot talks about the latest episode including why the Fab Five alliance did not last plus who in her alliance she did not trust.

There are only a couple of episodes left until the final of The Challenge: USA. The latest episode saw Cashay Proudfoot leave the game after facing off in The Arena against Sarah Lacina. This was all after a short-lived all-girls alliance was formed.

Cashay talked with Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News about who she did not trust in the all-girls alliance, what it was like going against Sarah in elimination, and why this may be the last time you see her on The Challenge.


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“Watching back, I don’t have any animosity towards anyone, I feel good about my time, obviously there are a few times where I’m like uh oh, but overall I feel really good.” Said Cashay about her time in The Challenge House.

Viewers saw the introduction of an all-girls alliance called The Fab Five which included Cashay, Sarah, Justine, Cayla, and Desi. Their first objective was to make sure Angela and Alyssa did not win the next daily challenge, however, that was easier said than done.

“We didn’t really talk about a plan. The mission could have been accomplished if we chose one person to win for the Fab Five, and the remaining four blocks one person, it could have easily been done. Instead, it was more like we should all work together, and then it was like where do I put this, some people are blocking Angela some people are blocking Alyssa, and some are just playing for themselves. It just wasn’t clean and talked about enough. There’s no reason why four women couldn’t get the job done.” Said Cashay.

In the end, Dani and Desi won the daily challenge, while Sarah came in last place for the women. Surprisingly instead of choosing Angela or Alyssa to go into The Arena, they both picked Cashay, which she says did not surprise her.

“I knew I was going to go in. Dani saw me as weak and underestimated me, and I did not trust Desi, so I knew there was a chance. But we all had a mutual understanding we were working together. She understood that I was not going to throw her in, and I thought, even though we don’t talk game together and we’re not really friends, I still thought we’re all working together for a mutual outcome.” Said Cashay.

During the elimination, Cashay had a rough start but eventually caught on to what she needed to do to beat Sarah,

“Getting it started was so hard because it’s steel and I’m very small. It’s just one of those things where I just couldn’t get it started because In my head I was thinking a hamster gets on a wheel and it runs when it goes. Eventually, I thought they would put more resistance and it gets harder, that’s why you see me running and moving and hanging upside down, I could not figure out a way to get it going. I then realized there’s a way to push it, and I just wish I figured that out during the beginning, and who knows it could have been a different outcome.”

Although the second round was a close one between Sarah and Cashay, Cashay ultimately lost but says she does not regret anything and knows that everything is a learning experience.

Now that Cashay is officially a part of The Challenge family, many fans want to know if the Love Island alum will be coming back to compete again. Cashay says it’s unlikely but never say never.

“You probably will not see me on another season of The Challenge, that’s just me being completely honest, but then again I’m never going to say never, my ego might bring me back who knows. I think it’s one of those things where I didn’t really prepare, I was heartbroken, I had two dislocated knees, and I wasn’t doing trivia on my phone on a Saturday night. If I did go in again and did all those things it could be a completely different outcome. But getting so far, two eliminations from the final, my first season of the show, I’m proud of myself for that, but I don’t think with my personality and who I am I should be on The Challenge.”

The Challenge: USA airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. PT on CBS.

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