‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Top Tweets

Kam is proving that she’s more than just a physical threat, while Josh earns his first elimination win. Here are the top tweets from episode 8 of The Challenge: Double Agents. 

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Posted On: February 5th, 2021 12:23 pm pst

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It’s getting intense on The Challenge: Double Agents, as your favorites get closer to the final. During episode 8 we said goodbye to Challenge rookie Mechie Harris, but not before an all out brawl between some of your favorites. 

We also can’t forget that huge clash between Aneesa and Lolo, as well as  Kam proving that she’s not only a physical threat, but also a mental threat in this game. 

Cast members of The Challenge are tweeting all about it. Here are the top tweets from episode 8 of The Challenge: Double Agents.

A Team Divided 

On paper, Nam and Lolo seem like the team to watch out for, but unfortunately these two are struggling when it comes to working together. 

Challenge vet C.T. said it best, if these two could just get it  together, they would be one of the “scariest” teams. 

Only time will tell if these rookies can get along in order to win their first daily Challenge.

Clash Of The Titans 

During the daily Challenge, it was an all out brawl as the players wrestled each other to retrieve an idol from a lake. In the end the players left standing were C.T and Big T versus Kyle and Kam. 

C.T. wasn’t too happy when he found out in order for them to win, both he and Big T had to win their match against Kyle and Kam. 

Unfortunately Big T was not able to take home the W leaving Killa Kam victorious, while Kyle claimed victory against C.T. 

Taking Home The W

Josh was on cloud 9 during Wednesday nights episode, and rightfully so. The A alum won his first elimination after going against Mechie. 

Not only did Josh win the elimination, but he claimed the last and final gold skull for the men.

Don’t Mess With Killa Kam

Kam is proving that she’s not one to mess with. Not only is she a fierce physical competitor, but she also has the mental game down. 

It was her idea to send Josh into elimination in hopes he would get his gold skull. Sis is thinking 5 steps ahead and it’s paying off. Not only does she have a gold skull, but Leroy does as well, and now it seems like she has the Big Brother alliance on her side. 

What do you think will happen during the next episode of The Challenge: Double Agents? Let us know!

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