‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Top Tweets

A double elimination on The Challenge: Double Agents, say what!? Check out the top tweets from some of your favorite Challenge stars on the latest episode.

Two fan favorites of The Challenge were sent home during a surprising elimination, but the drama did not stop there. A friendship ends after a vet makes a rash decision, and another rookie is forced to leave the game. Here are the top tweets from episode 12 of The Challenge: Double Agents.

At the start of the episode we find out that not only will there be one elimination but there will be two. C.T. lets Devin pick who he wants to go against, and Devin decides to choose legendary challenger Darrell. In the end, Devin couldn’t pull through and was unable to complete the puzzle, making Darrell victorious.

C.T. had all the power during this elimination. He also decided to throw in Josh, and go into elimination himself in order to get his gold skull.

Josh gave it his all, but C.T. demolished the elimination sending Josh home.

After C.T.’s win, he decided to switch partners, and chose Kam, forcing her to part ways with her long-time partner Kyle.

Kyle was not too happy about C.T.’s decision to steal his partner, Especially since both were working together. The two went at it arguing over Kam, leaving Kam in an awkward situation.

Kyle was not the only person C.T. upset. Big T is clearly done with the OG after the way he chose Kam over her. The two had a talk, where Big T said she felt disrespected by his actions. Unfortunately, the two could not agree with each other, forming a new rivalship between them.

Fan favorite and rookie Nam was forced to leave the game due to his intense back pain. Nam gave it his all and tried his hardest to stay. We’re sure we’ll see him in future seasons.

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