‘The Challenge Double Agents’ Returns With Explosive New Twists

Take a look at some of the top moments from the premiere episode of ‘The Challenge: Double Agents.’ 

MTV’s The Challenge is officially back, and let’s just say the season 36 premiere did not disappoint.

We saw some old faces make their grand return, along with a few rookies vying to make a name for themselves, and of course, we can’t forget all the twists and turns that happened in the first episode!

Let’s take a look at the top moments from episode 1 of The Challenge: Double Agents.

Queen Aneesa

Aneesa is not playing around this season. The OG has her eyes on the one million dollar prize, and she’s not letting anyone get in her way.

She proved that point after winning the first challenge along with Fessy, even beating Fessy’s time overall, but Aneesa didn’t stop there. TJ explained to the vet since she was the overall winner, she has first dibs on who she wanted to be partners with.

In the end, she picked Fessy, leaving the rest of our challengers to figure out who they were going to partner up with.

I Choose You!

I have to say there were a lot of smart choices when it came to picking partners. The biggest takeaway though was when Kam tried to partner up with C.T. but got denied.

Kam was not too happy about this and ended up partnering with Josh, While C.T. and Ashley partnered up.

Bringing Back The Skulls

If you thought the skulls were long gone. think again. Back from Total Madness, there are a total of 10 skulls this season, and in order to make it to the final, you have to have a skull which you get by winning an elimination.

A New Hope For The Rookies

Season after season on The Challenge, it seems like the majority of the rookies always get the short end of the stick by getting thrown into elimination first.

Not this time around, though; these rookies are speaking up and not letting the vets decide their fate. It also helps that they have Kam and Leroy on their side, who want to switch the game up and get out the people who have won the game in the past.

In the end, Kam and Leroy convince the majority of the house to vote in Ashley and C.T. We also learn that Fessy and Aneesa have the power to see who others voted in, but The two decide to keep the information to themselves.

The Crater

This season’s elimination is called “The Crater,” and boy, was this a good one. After C.T. and Ashley learn they were selected to go in, Fessy and Anessa announce that they are sending in Wes and rookie Nicole to go against them.

Before they can go head to head, T.J. surprises the cast with another twist by announcing that this will be a girl’s elimination, leaving C.T. and Wes safe for now.

It was a close elimination, but in the end, Natalie won, sending Ashley home, and just when we thought the episode was over, T.J. threw in yet another twist.

The host revealed to Natalie that she can decide to keep Wes as a partner, or she can steal someone else’s partner.

What do you think Natalie will do, and what will happen to C.T. now that his partner Ashley is gone?

Let us know your thoughts!

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