‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Recap: Anything Goes

A lot went down during the latest episode of The Challenge: Double Agents. Here are the top tweets to get you caught up on episode 17. 

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Posted On: April 8th, 2021 5:53 pm pst

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Episode 17 recap

credit: MTV

The remaining challengers finally find out they are going to the final, but not before one more person was sent home, and one risky move could have changed the entire game.

Here are the top tweets that sum up episode 17 of The Challenge: Double Agents.

Leroy has played a pretty solid game this season. He’s proving he’s not someone to take lightly when it comes to these challenges.

As viewers we all know Leroy is retiring after this season. What many of us did not know is that no one in the Challenge house, with the exception of Kam, has any idea this is going to be Lee’s last hoorah.

Kam and Lee have a heart to heart saying how grateful they are to have each other in this game, and it’s definitely an amazing moment between the two to see how far they’ve come from the first episode to now.

The stakes were high for the daily challenge. The men were trapped underneath a frozen volcano, while the women had to solve a series of math questions in order to rescue their partners.

Unfortunately Amber had a tough time, and was unable to complete the mission, leaving her new partner Fessy not too happy.

Kam once again went into full beast mode completing the final puzzle first, making her and Cory the winners of the daily challenge.

Now the two have some work to do, which is to make sure Leroy does not go into elimination. The plan is to have both Kyle and Fessy go head to head, but Lee is wary that he will get the house vote.

Paranoia hits Leroy, and he comes up with a plan to have Kam throw herself into elimination so that Cory ends up going in, but only if Kyle votes in their favor.

Unbeknownst to Lee, Fessy had already planned to throw himself into elimination. What made matters even more tricky was when Kam found out Cory went above and beyond to convince Fessy to throw himself into elimination.

In the end Kam does not follow through with the plan, and votes Kyle to go against Fessy.

Fessy is not too happy that he was blindsided by Kam to go in against Fessy.

We find out that the two will be competing in a good ole Hall Brawl elimination, and the best out of 5 win. Fessy wins the first point, and unfortunately it ends there.

Kyle finds that his finger was dislocated during the match, making him unable to complete the elimination and sending him home.

After the elimination Fessy decides to steal Kaycee away from Leroy, while Leroy decides to partner with Nany, leaving C.T. to partner with Amber.

Our agents also learn that they will finally compete in the final. Now the big question is, who will win The Challenge: Double Agents?

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