‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Episode 3: Jozea Flores Weighs In On Drama Filled Episode

Challenge vet Jozea Flores is giving his thoughts on the latest episode of ‘The Challenge Double Agents’, as well as his thoughts on the Big Brother alliance and the drama between Josh and Devin.

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Posted On: December 24th, 2020 4:33 pm pst

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Drama was in the air during episode 3 of The Challenge: Double Agents, as an O.G. was sent home after losing the latest elimination. 

Challenge vet Jozea Flores joined Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News, and weighed in on everything that went down, starting with Fessy’s decision to tell the house that he and Aneesa were able to see who voted for who to go into elimination.

“I think that fessy did the right move because i would have done the same s**t.  It makes people in the house become very like, oh my gosh what does he know? They want to be your friend more than your enemy.” said Flores. 

This episode saw a first in Challenge history, where our players had to wrestle each other on top of a giant truck, without a harness. Something that Jozea says was a shock to him. 

“The Challenge is no joke, the first time ever not having a harness? I freaking gagged when I heard that. I didn’t believe it, I thought they were playing around. It was super crazy to me.” 

During the challenge Nicole dislocated her shoulder while going up against Kam. Her injury forced her to exit the game, making this the second time in her Challenge career she was forced to leave due to an injury. 

“I got to meet Nicole and hang out with her outside The Challenge. She’s a really cool down to earth person… For me this was supposed to be her comeback season. For her to go home I know that must have hurt her deeply, because you could tell she wanted to win and go all the way. I know she probably was over it when they sent her home.” Said Flores. 

That wasn’t the only drama that went down, Back in the house,Josh and C.T. had a verbal altercation after he noticed C.T. and Kaycee were having a little argument. After the situation started to calm down Devin jumped into the mix by verbally attacking Big Brother. Which set Josh off.  Jozea had his own thoughts on The Big Brother alliance and the beef between Devin and Josh. 

“If you really look at the bigger picture, Big Brother has taken over The Challenge. We basically have taken over 3 or 4 seasons of The Challenge now. We come from a world where we have to use our mind games to get ahead, and at the same time we just happen to be athletic. The Challengers on the other hand, not all but some, come from a world where they have to just lie and backstab. That’s just the reality of the game.” Said Flores. In the Devin world, Devin is a competitor, but he tries to be the new Wes or the new C.T. or the new Johnny Bananas, and you’re never going to be them. You’re just a filler in a team. You putting yourself in a predicament where you are now getting camera time is annoying, because it’s not for your gameplay or for your own strategy.”

During elimination the house voted for Devin to go in, while Wes was voted in by Leroy and Kaycee. In the end, Devin pulled through sending Wes home. 

In a surprise twist to the house, Devin chose to partner up with Tori, leaving Cory to go with Natalie who’s been a target since day one.  When it comes to the Survivor player, Jozea says going after Natalie isn’t a smart move.

“What people are not being aware of is now we have Jay and Natalie. That’s two people from Survivor. The Challenge is slowly growing with good Survivor competitors. If I was there I would try to befriend Natalie, because I’m already friends with Jay, just in case there are more Survivor players next season. The same way Big Brother teams up with Big Brother, Survivor teams up with Survivor. It is what it is. It’s how the show works.” said Flores.  

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Jozea on The Challenge, but that’s because The Big Brother alum has been making moves and growing his brand. The Big Brother alum has created not one, but two brands. A cooking show called Raw M3at and his show on OnlyFans called Jomance

“I’ve been very busy, I have a couple of projects I’ve been working on for the past year, that are now going to come into fruition, which I’m really happy about. I also have a social show, which is a cooking nude show, but I have an apron so it’s kind of like cheeky fun. It’s only been a month and our Instagram page has hit 20k.” Flores continued saying. “I’ve also been taking over OnlyFans. I’ve found a way to turn it into a niche in my own little way and make a series out of it, and it’s taken off. I’m the top 1 percent of the entire OnlyFans. I’m also coming out with a new underwear brand and another TV show.”

As far as if Jozea would ever come back to do another season of The Challenge, he says he’s always game for a comeback. 

Check out the full interview with Jozea Flores and Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News.You can also check out Jozea’s cooking show on Instagram at @raw_m3at, and check out his cooking show 

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