‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Nia Moore Talks Near-Death Experience.

After a 7-year absence from The Challenge, Nia Moore has returned. She’s talking about her comeback, taking out one of the core members of the Tree House alliance, and opens up about a recent near-death experience that caused her to change her life. 

After a seven-year break, Nia Moore is once again competing on The Challenge, but this time on season 3 of All Stars, and if the latest episode is any indication, Nia has come to play, and play hard!

The Real World: Portland alum talked with Benny Adams on Challenge Reality News about her time on the show, including the deal she had with Kailah and Sylvia, whether or not she’s in a relationship with Jordan Wiseley, and a recent near-death experience that caused her to change her life around.


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Episode 6 of The Challenge: All-Stars saw a shift in the game when Nia beat a key member of the dominant Tree House alliance during an elimination. Her first elimination win since her hiatus from the game. It’s as if Nia had never left, but fans might be surprised that she almost turned down being a part of the cast this season

“When the opportunity for All-Stars came around I was made to feel very comfortable by the producers that this was a different environment with a different group of people than I was used to on the main show. I felt kind of safe, but I didn’t necessarily have a desire to go. It wasn’t until Jordan and me were hanging out that he said that he was going, and I said okay, if you promise me you’re going to be there, and you’re not going to pull out last minute and shoot a movie then I will do this with you.” Said Moore

All-Stars is known for casting some of the most iconic players in Challenge history, and this season was no different. Nia was now competing with legends, including Veronica Portillo, Roni Chance, and Tina Barta.

“This was a group of fierce, powerful, confident, and dope women to be around. There were a lot of us, and we all had our strengths and weaknesses. I walked into that house and left feeling like I loved every one of them… I saw a lot of good in every single person that I met. We disagreed, some of us got into arguments, and some people did things that they’re probably not proud of today… But I feel we showcased the most beautiful vulnerable parts of our personalities.” Said Moore

A dominant force in the game since day one has been the Tree House alliance run by Kailah Casillas and Sylvia Elsrode. Up until the latest episode, the alliance had steered clear of Nia, and it was all because of a moment that happened off-camera.

“Night one, Sylvia and Kailah said they wanted to work with me, and I was wasted in the upstairs pool at this point. I said I’m flattered, but let me get back to you in the morning because I don’t want to make a game decision while I’m inebriated. The next day I went to them and said we have a deal. I understood the deal as you’re not going after me, and I’m not going after you.”


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The deal seemed easier said than done but became more complicated once Kailah and Sylvia started going after Kendal and KellyAnne.

“I just got uncomfortable with a lot of the mean girl unwanted conversations and side comments. It was almost to the point of making Kendal and KellyAnne feel uncomfortable in the house… It was obvious that there was a blatant effort to create division between the two rooms. That effort was primarily led by Kailah and Sylvia. I feel the rest of the room did not speak out against it so it looked like it was a collective effort with everyone in that room.” Moore explained. “There were little side comments that were unrelated to the game that they were saying out loud in front of KellyAnne and Kendal. I asked myself, what are they saying about me behind my back, and it started to make me wonder if this alliance with me Kailah and Sylvia was even real. If you all are going to decide to be mean-girls and think that it’s cute, then I don’t respect it, and I think it’s wack because we’re not in our 20s anymore.”

Many fans have are questioning why the remaining players are not coming together to take out the Treehouse alliance. Nia said it simply comes down to different gameplay.

“There was an element of our personality that was so carefree, and to win based on performance. We didn’t have the desire to play these weird sinister mean-girl tactics to get ahead. it looks like we weren’t banning together but that wasn’t the case. We were looking out for each other, but none of us had the appetite to play that type of game.”

A huge blindside moment happened during episode six when Sylvia called Nia down into elimination. Although she won, this was something she was not prepared for.

“If you had not won the daily challenge you had to suit up and pack, but since Sylvia was going in and there was so much conversation about her already selecting Jonna no matter what, I felt safe. Sylvia also never came to me once leading up to the elimination. I just thought I was still protected with whatever this agreement was that we had from night one.” Explained Moore. “When my name gets called, I am blindsided… I had earrings on, my hair was down, I think I wore my comfy pants from the house, I didn’t even have a bra on… I was comfortable, I was really comfortable.”

Nia didn’t let her comfort get in the way though, she put on her game face and won by a landslide, showing everyone watching she means business when she steps into an elimination.

“While competing when I’m angry that’s the one emotion you don’t want to evoke out of me when you need to win. I think I was embarrassed, I felt played, I was angry, and I was certain that I was going to win. I was so certain that I was going to beat her and do it in a way that came off as don’t ever try me again.” Said Moore.

Her biggest supporter during the elimination was Jordan Wiseley. Nia and Jordan have had a long history together since they both appeared on The Real World: Portland. With how close the two are, many fans have started to wonder if they are dating. Now Nia is ready to set the record straight.


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“Jordan and I are not dating. Jordan is one of the greatest loves of my life in terms of men in my life… I love him, I want him to be happy, and I know that he wants the same for me, but we’re not compatible dating-wise… I’m so proud of him and who he’s become, and we’re both two imperfect people who aim to do a lot of good.”

Though filming wrapped for All-Stars months ago, Nia would soon find herself facing another challenge. This time, one that threatened her life.

“I was supposed to be filming a TV show right now, but I was not able to because I could not get cleared medically… I was hospitalized in Italy, and then again in Atlanta. I found out that I had a pulmonary embolism which is a blood clot of the lungs and it was something that could have been fatal. It was 100 percent attributed to the amount of vaping I had been doing for the last two years,” explained Moore. “Most people didn’t even know I did it because I was a closeted vapor. During All-Stars 3, I always had one in my hand because I had a lot of social anxiety. I knew in my gut what I was doing to my body… but I was so arrogant and delusional in the aspect of thinking I had several years before this was going to come after me. I was completely wrong, I almost potentially lost my life. Since then, I’ve been on blood thinners for the last week and I will be on thinners for the next 6 months.“

Nia now has a new outlook on life and wants to use her experience to help others avoid what she had to go through.

“Thankfully, I have quit cold turkey and I will not vape or smoke anything again.” Said Moore. “It’s something where I thought about Diem (Brown). She was around my age, and This was a woman who treated her body like a temple and ultimately it still worked against her. I think its such a slap in the face to say that she is a personal heroe of mine, then for me to continue to show a lack of self-worth when it’s about my health… I want to share my story with others and hopefully inspire them.”


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The sky is the limit for Nia, and she plans to live life to its fullest. If given the opportunity to come back and compete on The Challenge, she says she’ll be ready.

“I have a new outlook on life and I can’t wait to get in the best shape of my life. I want to find healthier habits and hobbies and do things that aren’t always related to eating, drinking, and vaping. Now that my cherry has been popped with All Stars 3, I absolutely want to do another Challenge. I want to dominate, I want to show up prepared, I want to train for it, and if I don’t get the call, I intend to live my life as if I am going to get the call because I want to be ready and go back and dominate should I go.”

The Challenge: All Stars airs every Wednesday on Paramount+. Check out the full interview with Nia below.

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