The Challenge’s Zach Admits to Threatening Paulie with a Knife!

Zach Nichols is holding nothing back when it comes to his time on War of the Worlds 2.

He posted a Cameo video about an intense moment between him and Paulie Calafiore where he said he held a knife to the Challenge vet.

“He was kind of getting cocky so I was kind of talking to him swinging the knife, and a producer came in and told me I had to put the knife down if I wanted to continue the conversation.” Zach said.

Unfortunately, the intense scene never made it to our televisions.

“I kinda wish that would air because I was like, pointing it in his face like a psychopath,” shared Zach.

The drama doesn’t stop there.

Zach later talks about the final, where he says he was so mad about how everything was going down that he even tried to fight someone on production as well as TJ.

Here’s to hoping 2020 is a lot less stressful for Zach!

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