The Cast of In the Dark’ is Sharing BTS of the Newest Season

‘In the Dark’ filming is in full swing and the cast is sharing behind the scenes of the new season!

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Posted On: November 23rd, 2020 9:40 pm pst

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In the Dark began filming last month in Toronto, and Canada and fans couldn’t be more excited!

With the coronavirus pandemic, filming didn’t begin when they had originally planned pushing everything back and leaving fans wondering when they can expect the newest season.

The good news is that filming is in full swing and the cast is even sharing sneak peeks and behind the scene moments to keep everyone held over until sometime next year. 

Perry Mattfeld, who plays Murphy, shared a video of the dog who plays her guide dog, Pretzel, sticking his head out the window of a car on her Instagram stories.

Credit: Perry Mattfeld

She then went on to post on her page a series of photos of the two of them in the car. She captioned it “my sunshine.” If you remember from where the show ended last season Murphy and Jess grabbed Pretzel and fled their apartment in the middle of the night. This is kinda making us wonder if they are on the run.

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A post shared by Perry (@perrymattfeld)

Casey Deidrick, who plays Max, seems to be with Murphy and Pretzel. He posted a few pictures of him and Mattfeld in the exact same car. Could he be the getaway driver? We do know that Murphy had Jess call Max after Josh found out that she was involved with Max and Nia. It only makes sense that even after Murphy chooses Josh over Max that Max would help Murphy out. I mean he loves her. 

Keston Johnson, also known as Darnell on the show, shared a video of him back on set. He captioned the post “back at it.” It will be interesting to see what Darnell is going to do, after finding out that Jess killed his sister Nia. We know he went looking for Sam but will he find her before it’s too late?


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