The Cast of ‘In the Dark’ Has Been Keeping Busy In Between Filming

Perry Mattfeld, Keston John, Brooke Markham and the entire cast of ‘In the Dark’ have been keeping busy in between seasons & shut down speculation of returning to set. 

The cast of the CW’s In the Dark has been keeping us guessing as to when season 3 of the show will start filming.

Earlier this month Perry Mattfeld who plays Murphy, was posting photos of her time in Montana which had fans speculating if the show had resumed filming. Sadly, I think it’s safe to say that she was enjoying a vacation and had not returned to filming yet.

With the cliffhanger of last season we can only assume they will be road tripping across the country to escape Josh and the IRS so it makes sense for them to shoot in Montana, but it looks like that isn’t happening. The show has filmed the last two seasons in Canada but we will have to wait and see if this season will be different due to covid-19 restrictions.

Perry posted a video of her and Pretzel, the dog that acts as her character’s guide dog in the show, earlier this week and this had fans even more excited for the upcoming season of In the Dark. Just to make sure fans didn’t go crazy Perry captioned the post, “Very much looking forward to being reunited with this guy” so that everyone didn’t get their hopes up about filming starting up.

Keston John, who plays Darnell James, took to instagram a few weeks ago to thank all the fans for loving the show and making it one of the top 10 watched shows. That wasn’t all he shared as he said, “as we get ready to start filming season 3,” which has fans excited to see some behind the scenes from the cast while we wait for it to come out!

Brooke Markham who plays Jess, just shared a photo of her this week trying to pass for 5’2” and it looked like it could have been in a magazine! On her Instagram stories she has been sharing videos of her working out along with pictures of her adorable dog and family!

Morgan Krantz aka Felix has been keeping pretty quiet on social media but he did post some disposable photos of himself this week.

Cortni Vaughn Joyner who plays Sam has been enjoying her time, riding her motorcycle, working out, and taking amazing photos!

Lindsey Broad, who plays Chelsea the bartender, Felix’s ex girlfriend and Ben’s sister, has been sharing a ton of adorable photos of her and her kids!

The rest of the cast hasn’t been posting much and sadly nothing about the show so we can only hope that they are all preparing to film season 3!

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