The Breakdown You Need for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 9!

Who’s ready for Season 9 of the Bachelor in Paradise? With a cast of 18 people, let’s break down who to keep an eye on during this season in Mexico!

It’s that time of year for Bachelor Nation to see their favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants reunite on the beach! Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise takes place in Mexico and airs on ABC, on Thursday, September 28 (9/8c).

The cast of 18 people will be joined by host Jesse Palmer, and of course, Bartender Wells Adams. Charity Lawson (Season 20) and Hannah Brown (Season 15) also make an appearance as newly engaged women.

This series will follow the premiere of The Golden Bachelor, and air once a week instead of the usual twice-a-week schedule, meaning it could possibly end around late November or early December.

The cast is full of past love interests and heated feuds. We will have to wait and see if this cast will pick up where they left off in their respective seasons.

Former Bachelor & Bachelorettes & Exes Reuniting

Rachel Recchia

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Age: 27

Instagram: @pilot.rachel

Rachel Recchia was a Co-Bachelorette in 2022 and a contestant on Clay Echard’s season in 2021. Now, at age 27, she returns to the 9th season of Bachelor in Paradise.  

Last year, as a co-bachelorette with Gabby Windey, Rachel got engaged to one of the contestants, Tino Franco. But she broke up with him after he kissed another woman.

Rachel has expressed that she is ready for a fresh start and to reunite with some of the other contestants.

“I’m really excited to get to know them all more on a friendship level and be able to see them in this environment. It’ll be really nice.”

Katie Thurston

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Age: 32

Instagram: @thekatiethurston

Katie was the Season 17 Bachelorette. The finale ended with Blake Moynes putting a ring on her finger. However, their relationship ended after three months. 

Now at age 32, she is jumping back into the game for a second chance at love. But, her ex-fiance, Blake won’t be too far away tanning on the beach. That’s right, he is another contestant on BiP.

The two have not seen each other since their breakup last October. Katie explained her thoughts and feelings about this reunion in an Instagram Q&A post.

Katie tells host, Jesse Palmer, in this season’s trailer, “I don’t think Blake’s going to be happy that I’m here.” Cut to Blake saying “I don’t think there’s a worse scenario.”

Blake Moynes

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Age: 33

Instagram: @blakemoynes

Blake is a familiar face to Bachelor Nation, being on three seasons of The Bachelorette with Clare Crawley, Tayshia Adams, and of course, Katie Thurston. Blake even commented on his recurring appearances saying, “Some people probably won’t want to see me.”

But he explained that he will be taking a different approach this year that might “ bring out a different side people haven’t seen yet.”

Blake also commented on his upcoming reunion with Katie in the promo for this season saying that there is no chance of revisiting their romance, and “so much time has passed that [he doesn’t] think there’d be any animosity there.” But I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

This time, Blake plans to take things more slowly, have fun, and avoid the pressure of a proposal by the end of the season.

Charity Lawson’s Season – Bachelor Feuds

Brayden Bowers

Age: 25

Instagram: @braydenbowersofficial

Braydon Bowers was a hot topic for Season 20 of The Bachelorette with Charity Lawson, and not just because of his man-buns and feathered earrings. He was depicted as the resident villain and struggled to make connections with the other bachelors. He tells Entertainment Tonight, “I don’t like [that] I had the villain portrayal, but in my heart, I don’t feel like I’m a villain.”

He seemed to be the common denominator of the drama each week, with the other male contestants believing he was receiving an unfair amount of attention. Tensions almost turned violent with one of the other contestants, Aaron Bryant, claiming he was stealing time with Charity. Brayden’s final goodbye resulted in Aaron and some other contestants walking him off the property.

In the “Men Tell All,” episode Brayden confessed he was hesitant about a proposal, and left the show because he “didn’t want to take up any more of [Charity’s] time.” During the season, Brayden admitted he was uncomfortable establishing a connection with Charity while she was doing the same with other men.

So perhaps paradise for Brayden involves meeting new women without the added pressure of an engagement, while also getting a tan on the beach.

At the “Men Tell All,” the host, Jess, hints at Brayden’s close relationship with Kat Izzo, a contestant from Zach Shallcross’ season.

Aaron Bryant

Age: 30

Instagram: @aaronrbryant

Aaron made his first appearance in Charity’s season, being one of the final three contestants. Charity kicked him off the show, but he returned to the fantasy suites in Fiji for a second chance. She accepted him back…but booted him yet again.

Fiji didn’t work out for him, but perhaps he will have better luck in Mexico.

Regarding Braydon and Aaron, maybe the sun won’t be the only thing bringing the heat.

Peter Cappio & the “FP Controversy


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Age: 33

Peter Cappio left on the first night of Season 20 of The Bachelorette. While he left too soon, he certainly was not forgotten. A controversy began when the other male contestants wrote “F*** P” on their Instagram posts, “P” standing for Peter. Brayden was the one who told Peter the meaning of those comments. Peter confronted them at the “Men Tell All,” asking for their reasoning. The contestant, Aaron Swartz, responded by saying, “Because you are a b***, that’s what you are.” He then stated that on the first Zoom call with the contestants, Peter immediately asked about endorsement deals.

Another contestant, Caleb, explained that Peter said “F*** you” to every person who spoke with him that first night of the season.

However, they all seem to be having fun together after Peter posted this video of them dancing on his Instagram.


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Bachelors from Charity’s season: Aaron Swartz, Sean Mclaughlin

Bachelorettes from Zach Shalcross’ season: Brooklyn Willie, Cat Wong, Greer Blitzer, Jess Girod, Kat Izzo, Kylee Russel, Olivia Lewis

Bachelorettes from Clayton Echard’s Season: Samantha Jefferies Eliza Isichei,

Bachelor from Michelle Young’s season: Will Urena

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