The Block is Hot – S3 E3 & E4 ‘On My Block’ Recap & Review

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As our gang navigate their life, everything is tested. Each week here on the ON MY BLOCK AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW, we’re going to be discussing every single episode of On My Block. As they come of age, you can come to us for all your plot, character, and prediction discussion! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date on all things On My Block!

Episode Recap

Well it looks like Jamal has found his match with Kendra & he finally joins the “sexual revolution” Freeridge style, Ruby is feeling pretty frogging as well & he wants to make his Jazmine fantasies come to fruition.  The sexual tension continues as an inebriated Monse kisses Spooky & his Dad peeps the whole interaction.  Ruby gets a burner phone left under his pillow with a very direct message from Cuchillos, and despite Jamal bragging to the homies, Kendra clarifies that her motivation was purely clinical.  The 19th Street gang aka the badass lil homies continue to make their violent presence felt & Spooky & his Dad have a heartfelt moment that boomerangs into Spooky & Cesar experiencing the same kind of interchange. Monse gets a call from her mom’s phone & when she decides to answer this time, the news is tragic.

  • Today’s show was hosted by Nino Llanera, Angele Taylor, Tyra Prude, and Kittie Kaboom.

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