The Biggest Moments From ‘RHOP’ Season 5 Episode 11

This Season Of The ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Has Been Huge! Here’s Your Weekly Episode Breakdown for Episode 11

The aftermath of the fight between Candiace and Monique has calmed a bit but that doesn’t mean the season has! The ladies of Potomac continue to bring it and you know we’ll always break down the biggest moments here, so let’s get into it!

The first big moment of Sunday night’s episode was getting to see Karen’s family. Getting to see the Grand Dame’s hometown was extremely nice. I love Karen on the show and though we’ve heard a bit about her growing up in a small town and living on a farm, it was heartwarming to see.

Karen, Gizelle and Ashley headed to Surry Virginia where they got to see Karen’s home, meet her family and see the church that meant so much to Karen. Karen and her family shared a bit about her childhood along with some laughs and photos. She also shared that her family was once slaves on the property of the home and they turned around, bought it, and kept it in the family.

Seeing Karen get emotional about her parents, the church and seeing the love that she has for her town was very sweet and I thought it showed another side of Karen.

Another big moment of the night that we’ll most likely see play out completely during future episodes, was Wendy admitting that she was considering not being a professor anymore. Wendy is also a political commentator and she says that she loves it and is considering doing it full time instead of being a professor.

Wendy sat down with her sister who she said she’s very close to. Wendy talked to her sister about how she knows she’s going to have to tell her mom and she’s a bit nervous about how she’ll react. She explained how her mother is extremely proud to have two daughters who are doctors and she might not love the idea of Wendy ending her teaching career. Wendy and her sister played out how her mom might react which was pretty funny!

The third big moment of the night would probably be Candiace saying she’s considering pressing charges against Monique. She hasn’t dropped the bomb on all of the ladies just yet but we did see her tell Robyn and her mom.

While visiting a dog pound, she and her mom took a moment to talk about it all. Her mom was not happy with what happened and said that she should press charges. The trailer for upcoming episodes show that this will definitely be shown in the future.

The last big moment of the night goes to Robyn. We’ve seen the ups and downs that she and Juan have had to go through. I love how Robyn always keeps it real, even when things are upsetting.

She shared that she has some tax mess ups that she’s going to have to fix that’s pretty stressful. She and Juan want to buy a house and she’s concerned this might interfere. She thought she could do her taxes on her own and found out that she messed up when doing them. I hope that everything works out so she and Juan can do everything they want to do!

By the way, how did everyone like Robyn’s alter ego Tatyana!?

You DO NOT want to miss the Real Housewives Of Potomac every Sunday night at 9pm. In case you do miss an episode, I’ll always be here with the recaps and big moments!

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