The Biggest Moments from ‘Love Is Blind: After the Altar’ Season 2!

These are the most significant moments from Netflix’s Love is Blind season 2 After the Altar, including Nick Thompson, Danielle Ruhl, Jarrette Jones, Iyanna McNeely, and Deepti Vempati, as they update us on their lives since the show and get together for a fiery weekend reunion in After the Altar.

It’s already been seven months since Love Is Blind Season 2 dropped on Netflix, and fans have wondered what the contestants have been up to. Luckily, the streaming service blessed us with three episodes of Love is Blind: After the Altar to catch up with the pod squad. Netflix dropped the episodes on August 16, detailing what the contestants of the show have been up to and giving us a weekend getaway reunion that included most of the contestants who left the pods engaged. Here are some of the biggest moments. 

Kyle & Deepti Finally Becoming an Official Couple 


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While Deepti and Kyle Abrams were not a couple that left the pods engaged to each other, they revealed afterward that they did form a connection in the pods. Kyle expressed his regret for not pursuing his relationship with Deepti at the reunion, and rumors have flown about the two. At the beginning of the first episode, Deepti and Kyle reveal that while they are not officially together, they act like a couple and hang out three to four times a week. The two admit their feelings, letting viewers know they’ve shared a few smooches, but both expressed hesitation to take the following steps for fear of damaging the friendship. After some talks about their relationship with the other contestants, including an incredibly wholesome pep talk from Nick to Kyle, Kyle finally asks Deepti to make their relationship official in the final episode. The two have decided to make it exclusive and give their relationship a real shot! 

“Eventually, I feel like I want him to be my husband… He’s the first person I think about when I wake up, and he’s the last person I talk to before I go to bed. I look at him, and I think, ‘I could see myself doing this for the rest of my life with you,’” said Deepti about Kyle. 

Sal Saying He is Ready to Head Back to the Altar 


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During the series, we became acquainted with Salvador Perez’s new girlfriend, Jessica Palkovic. The dancer, singer, and actress, made an impression with her fiery and outgoing personality. While we were heartbroken when Sal and Mal walked away from the altar unwed, it was great to see Sal in a happy and committed relationship. At the end of the episode, Sal confided in his sisters about how glad he was with Jessica before he pulled out a ring! 

“If she is in a room, you know she’s in a room,” said Sal about Jessi. “She will just put a smile on everybody’s face. She is the nicest person I’ve ever met, and honestly, I’ve never had more fun with anyone else.” 

Natalie Speaking Out About the Shayne & Shaina Situation


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During the special, Natalie Lee made huge claims about Shayne Jansen and Shaina Hurley. She said that while she and Shayne were trying to work things out after the show, messages between Shayne and Shaina closed the door on their relationship forever. Natalie said she believes the two were once in a secret relationship. However, Shayne and Shaina deny that anything happened between them and maintain their relationship has always been platonic. 

“There’s just comments on, like, what would’ve happened if they ended up together… how wild their sex life would be,” said Natalie. 

Sal Claiming There’s More to His & Mal’s Story  


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Sal spilled some major tea during the special, claiming that a part of the reason he said no to Mallory at the altar was because of her actions a week before the wedding. Sal claims that Mallory stood him up on a day they meant to spend together, so he called to check in, and she was slurring her words. He says he found her drunk with another man in the car upon returning home. Mallory argues the man was just a friend, and she had no plans with Sal for the day. We’ll likely never know the whole truth, but our jaws were on the floor watching the drama unfold! 

“I protected Mallory throughout this whole experience, and I don’t know why,” said Sal during the last episode. 

Iyanna Revealing That Jarrette Stays Out Until 7 am


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“That is not true. It’s usually like four,” responded Jarrette. “Lie again,” joked Iyanna.

Jarrette expressed that he usually goes out four nights a week and overindulges when he’s out, which may give viewers insight into why the pair didn’t work out. Iyanna and Jarrette were open about issues in their marriage but continued showing love throughout After the Altar. There were wholesome moments between the two that made us sadder to be reminded of their split as Netflix flashed a message that stated the two couples who wed during the experiment had decided to end their marriages. 

“Sometimes I think is this a mistake that we made that needs to be corrected, or is it something that should be fought for?” Iyanna questioned about her marriage.


Nick Saying That if Shake Attends, He Won’t


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All the cast agreed they didn’t want Shake to participate in the weekend. They discussed how Shaina was invited to Natalie’s birthday because they didn’t want anyone to feel excluded. Deepti interjects, “Minus Shake.”  Shake told TMZ that he did not want to appear at the reunion last month.  The pod squad throws subtle jabs to Shake throughout the reunion, but we’re punching the air with the lack of Shake updates. 

The show was full of updates on our faves from the series, and it seems they’re all doing well even though none of the OG couples remain together. There were also some explosive moments that we loved to watch play out. 

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