The ‘Big Brother All Stars’ Drama Continues After Finale

The postseason tea is absolutely sizzling and we have all the details of what has been going on after finale night!

This may have been a boring season with relatively little to no drama, but post-show is turning out to be the complete opposite.

The houseguests have been cut off from the world for three months, not knowing everything that has happened inside and outside the house.

So once they got their phones back and did some post-show interviews, we got to see their reactions to the things that happened in the house that they weren’t aware of.

Da’Vonne No Longer Friends W/ David & Kevin

A big shocker!

Seriously, fans were rooting for his trio to come out on top but unfortunately they were sent to jury one after the other.

The thing that surprised people the most was when Day revealed in an interview that she was no longer friends with either David or Kevin.

It seemed like both Kevin and Day could not see eye to eye on things and decided it was best to not be friends.

Bayleigh Was Ready To Drag Everyone

Bay was very happy to see Day with America’s Favorite Houseguest on finale night.

She revealed on an Instagram story that she prepared to call everyone out on what had happened inside the house.

However, she wasn’t able to as CBS asked her a different question last minute.

The way Bayleigh segwayed from loving on Day to spilling tea ❤️#BB22

— Mel ✊ (@melbrown00) October 29, 2020

It’s no secret that there were a lot of comments made in the house that weren’t necessary and completely steered away from the game so it only made sense for Bayleigh wanting to make sure these people are held responsible.

Day and Dani

Day went to Twitter to address a couple of things fans sent her about what happened inside the house.

She said that personal conversations weren’t discussed and then responded to Dani’s comments about her feeling sick in the house.

It seems like Day did not appreciate the comments made by Dani about her and her wellbeing.

Day and Dani did get closer in the jury house but as more clips start to resurface and more conversations are had, there’s no telling if their friendship will continue outside the house.

Not A Good Christmas

Christmas did not get the warmest of welcomes after leaving the Big Brother house.

In fact she was called out on Instagram live for her behavior in the house by a fan.

(I chose not to include the clip, but it’s out there)

Both Janelle and Day had some words about Christmas which they tweeted out individually.

Even Christmas’ mom got involved as she talked about Janelle and her children.

Ian also threw some shade to Christmas after he liked this tweet:

Day also talked about Christmas and her ignorance in her interview with ET Canada.

Ian Apologizes

Unlike his other castmates, Ian decided to address the comments he made in the house and apologized for it.

He took full responsibility for what he said and fans appreciated it.

These comments weren’t really garnering a lot of attention but fans were happy to see Ian take ownership for what he said.

He’s done more than other people as they haven’t really addressed anything at all.

The Nicole Drama Continues

Nicole has been involved in several controversies this season and has shed a lot of tears.

In an interview, she discussed her experience on Big Brother 22 and had this to say about it:

She also unfollowed Cody on Instagram and other BB alum.

It is unclear whether Cody and Nicole will remain friends and what the reason was for the unfollowing but hopefully they get to clear things up.

She also deleted her sponsored posts after she found out she was dropped by them.

Nicole has yet to address the conversations she was involved with in the house. Neither her, Dani, Memphis, or Christmas have addressed what was said about Ian on social media.

However, Nicole did say she apologized to Ian and Memphis talked about during an interview following his eviction.

In a postseason interview Day had this to say about Nicole:

Ian also talked about Nicole on Nicole A’s podcast and said he was not going to be attending her upcoming wedding and that he wasn’t intending to in the first place.

Kevin, in a Instagram Live with Kat Dunn, explained that certain jury members weren’t too happy with Nicole at all.

Never Playing Again

On Instagram, Tyler said he is officially retired and will not be playing BB again


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Nicole also revealed that she won’t play the game again.

That’s all the postseason drama for now!

PSA: Da’Vonne did say she will be making a YouTube video soon talking about everything so we will definitely be tuning in. (ALSO, SHE WON AFH!!!)

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