The Best Performances On ‘The Circle’!

Let’s look at how some of our favorites from The Circle played the game. Here are the top performers from each season of our favorite Netflix social media competition!

With 5 seasons of Netflix’s The Circle, we want to take a look back at some of the most memorable performances! The Circle has so many unique characters and considering each of its twists and turns, the performances can be hard to compare. We comprised a list of the best performances from each season based on their rankings, alliances, gameplay, and likeability.

Season 1 – Shubham Goel

Our pick for season one is Shubham Goel. Shubham is one of the most famous players that have ever been on the circle because he is very likable and played honestly. Shubham was an influencer 4 consecutive times, which is still one of the most impressive rankings performances in The Circle’s history. Shubham managed to get basically every player to like or respect him and was also beloved by the fans and has gained numerous social media followers since his season. In fact, Shubham was so well received that the show invited him back for season 5! Shubam ended up being the runner up in season one, but regardless he played a tough and smart game which is why he made our list.


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Season 2 – DeLeesa Unique

The season two winner and our pick for best performance from season 2 is DeLeesa Unique. DeLeesa started the game well and was at the top consistently. She also managed to make a lot more friends than enemies. She aligned herself with Chloe, who was arguably the most powerful player of season two, through a flirtatious relationship; this served her well and was a big part of how she got to the top. DeLeesa played a strategic game by calculating her moves and alliances well enough to be consistently saved regardless of her not having immunity very often. The most impressive thing about DeLeesa is she is the only catfish in The Circle to ever win. She had to play as honest of a game as she could while impersonating someone else and lying about her entire identity. DeLeesa played Trevor, her husband, in order to make this task a bit easier. She managed to answer tough sports questions and convince most of the players she was real. Her spot on our list is very well deserved.


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Season 3 – James Andre Jefferson Jr.

The player performance we chose for season three is James Andre Jefferson Jr. James came into The Circle late but regardless, he won the season. James played an honest game and became a Circle influencer once. He also made good friends with Nick and fought to stay in the game regardless of the opposition. James is the only player in the history of The Circle to win without being among the first players to enter the game!

Season 4 – Frank Grimsley

Next up is the best performance from season 4, and our pick is Frank Grimsley. Frank managed to be an influencer three times and was always at the top of the rankings. He was outspoken and outgoing, and it was clear most of the players always thought very highly of him. Frank held no record, but he did eventually win his season, and he did it while remaining entirely genuine.

Season 5 – Chaz Lawery

Finally, our pick for the best performance in season 5 was Chaz Lawery. Chaz did not end up winning, but he played the game the best. Chaz was an influencer 5 times in total. From the very beginning, Chaz was the most popular player; he began the game as an Influencer alongside Raven and never left the top 4 throughout the entire game from then on. Chaz also played an honest game, the only lie he told was about his occupation, but he shared very sincere parts of himself. He was constantly trying to uplift other players, and he helped bring the eventual winner Sam to the top with him. Chaz was loved in The Circle, and regardless of people noticing his threat early on, he managed to remain at the top in every ranking. He finished second but is already receiving positive feedback on social media.

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