The Best Memes That Came Out Of The Inauguration

We have a new POTUS but we also have new memes to add to our camera roll. Keep scrolling to see which memes we loved the most!

Don’t you love memes? Well, we do and Inauguration Day gave us just what we needed for our meme fix.

Bernie Sanders was the highlight of the meme craze and here is a couple he was included in.

Most people had fun photoshopping him into movies and some moments in history.

For example, they photoshopped him into The Breakfast Club.

Even in The Lion King.

Also Arrow!

Here’s a thread of Bernie Memes to lighten up your mood!

However, Bernie wasn’t the only one who became a meme. Others including Vice President Kamala Harris also did.

Michelle Obama, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, and VP Kamala Harris were compared to the Jonas Brothers because of their color coordination.

If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about then just take a look:

Their outfit’s colors were identical to that of the Jonas Brothers and we love them!

Plus they all looked STUNNING!

Lady Gaga gave MAJOR Hunger Games vibes at the event.

Even Star Wars!

The memes that came out of the Inauguration were magnificent and there’s probably more being created right now as we speak!
For now, let us enjoy the memes we were given and we’ll wait for the rest with open arms.

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