The Best Dad Advice From “America’s Dad,” Danny Tanner.

Bob Saget, famously known as Danny Tanner from the hit 90s TV show Full House has passed at 65. Since he has become known as “America’s Dad,” we’re sharing some of his best dad advice from the show.

The world is missing one of their favorite dads. Bob Saget, best known as Danny Tanner from Full House has passed away at age 65. 

Saget has remained an icon in everyone’s everyday life. Not only was he a beloved comedian, but he also starred in How I Met Your Mother, as the voice of ‘older Ted,’ and as the father of 3 girls on the 90s sitcom, Full House among other things. 

As “America’s Dad,” here is the best advice from our dad on TV, Danny Tanner. 

“There’s only one Stephanie Judith Tanner. And you can never be replaced.”

Every kid needs to hear that there’s only one of them. Even if it’s over and over again. Danny was always ready to give that validation.

“How a human being appears on the exterior is not virtually as important as who they are on the inside.”

Something we often seem to forget. And then realize, later on, wishing we listened to our dad the first time.

“You can do anything you want to.”

Certain things in the world seem impossible, but our dad is always there to help us reach for the stars. 

“Talking about it, that is what will help me. Speaking about the recollections. That’s what retains her in your heart.” 

Grieving is hard and it’s different for everyone. This is probably the best advice anyone could hear no matter what age when it comes to mourning a loss. 

‘When life gives you dilemmas, you make dilemonade.”

Slightly a dad joke, but also very helpful. Any dilemma can turn into a possibility. (Let’s just pretend Danny said that).

“Well, just bear in mind, when children appear to be the least lovable, it suggests they need to have love the most.”

I think a lot of us have felt we had no one at some point in our life. And when you’re able to understand this realization, it means the world. 

Honorable dad quote

“Am I the raddest, baddest dad a kid ever had?”

Of course, Danny had some of the best corny dad jokes, and this was the best of them all.

We send love to Bob Saget’s friends, family, and fans during this time.  

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