The Baker and the Beauty S1 E4 Recap & After Show: She’s Coming Out!

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Join us as we break down the newest Musical competition Songland! From the songwriters to the performers and the judges- we’re breaking it all down here on the SONGLAND AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW podcast! Join us for different perspectives on all the various perfomances all season long! Make sure you rate and subscribe and watch till the end for our special segment, top 3 of the week, news and gossip, and even predictions as to whos going to win it all!
While meeting the Garcias for the first time, Noa accidentally reveals a big secret that Natalie is gay and It sends the family into a tizzy but her Dad accepts her but Mari needs more time; Vanessa shows up unannounced and finds herself face to face with her rival for the first time. And she also gets mad at Mateo for lying to her about being sick to get out of a gig. The paparazzi also show up to catch Noa leaving the bakery. Lewis is also dealing with some sort of illness we don’t know about yet.

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