THAWING HEARTS – S2 E4 ‘Harley Quinn’ Recap & After Show

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Harley Quinn has broken up with the Joker, and ready to wreak havoc on Gotham to prove that she can be the greatest, or maybe the worst villain they’ve ever seen! Tune in to THE AFTERBUZZ TV HARLEY QUINN AFTER SHOW PODCAST, as hosts Tehran (@IAmTehran) andChauncey K. Robinson (@MsChaunceyKR) dig into the new star-studded animated series on DC Universe!

On this weeks DC’s HARLEY QUINN – SEASON 2 – EPISODE 4 – THAWING HEARTS – Harley manages to burn a vagina shaped hole through Mr. Freeze’s ice fortress in her efforts to kill the man that put her on ice.  Mr. Freeze quickly captures the crew of Harley, Dr. Psycho, Shark, and Clayface.  Notable moments include Dr. Psycho not bringing a coat as suggested by Shark, Clayface describing who is going to “be” at the wedding (Sandra who is single by choice), and Harley dreading finding a date.
Meanwhile, Ivy’s absence is noted by her and Kiteman deciding on the place of their nuptials to be the Gotham Corn Factory, insisted upon by Kiteman who’s favorite celebrity couple married no the steps.  In order to impress the venue Kiteman dresses up and puts on his best tie.  Ivy tries to get him to relax but he receives a passive aggressive text from his nemesis, Condiment King.  Upon arriving at the venue ‘4 minutes’ early to not seem to desperate the newly engaged couple finds Condiment King is there with a fiancé of his own.  The rivalry begins over the place, Condiment King is getting the first tour and for good measure uses his condiment spray gun to get mustard on Kiteman’s suit.
Harley and crew are frozen in Mr. Freeze’s lair and put in an ice cell.  They are then unfrozen because Mr. Freeze has run out of lab mice to test on and wants to use Harley as a subject as his purpose remains to cure his terminally ill wife whom he has frozen until he finds a cure.  Harley on the operating table gives the plan that her genius doctor bestfriend, not Dr. Psycho but Ivy, can cure Mr. Freeze’s wife Nora.  Mr. Freeze agrees and prepares lunch.  Harley and crew get free during lunch and Harley unfreezes Nora after a conversation on the lack of true love and thinking that Nora is also now an ice prizoner as Harley was at the beginning of the season.  Only to find that Nora is terminally ill and very much in love with Mr. Freeze and that the only reason Harley was frozen was in order to save her because the other villains planned on killing her.  Feeling stupid and with Mr. Freeze threatening to blow everyone up together if Nora isn’t saved Harley calls on Ivy.
Ivy leaves Kiteman and the Corn Factory to rush to Harley’s aid.  Ivy comes up with a solution and need Kiteman’s help to procure the necessary flowers from her garden apartment.  Kiteman touches the wrong flower first, a paralyzing agent but manages to bring the magenta flower Ivy needs to her as he paralyzes.  Ivy creates an antidote that will change Nora’s rare blood type to a normal one allowing her for a blood transfusion from Mr. Freeze but it will leave Mr. Freeze dead.  In true love Mr. Freeze agrees and Nora’s life is saved.  Nora yells for Harley and crew to get out.
Ivy and Kiteman do not get the venue but all they need is each other.  All this, news & gossip, and more on the Afterbuzz Aftershow.  Stay tuned.
hosts:  Tehran Von Ghasri @IAmTehran – Chauncey K Robinson @MsChaunceyK – Tatiana Mariesa @TatianaMariesa

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