“Thanksgiving; The Tech Rehearsal” Season 1 Episodes 7 & 8 ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” Review & Recap

What time is it? High School Musical Time! Disney+ finally brings us back to East High School, where a new group of students embark on a production of High School Musical, led by a background actor from the original series. As high school usually is, there’s romance, friendships, breakups, and drama that can only come from musical theater. Join us for THE AFTERBUZZ TV HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC: THE MUSIC: THE SERIES AFTER SHOW, where our panel of superfan hosts breakdown the new series from Disney+.

Thanksgiving break is on at East High. Ashlynn plans a theatre group “after party” for her friends at her house. Ricky finds out that his mom has a new man in her life and is not dealing with it well. Gina finally seems to be gelling with the theatre kids. Carlos brings over a game that feel all the theatre kids heart with warmth. After Nini talks with her grandmother, she starts to think she might need to make a new start on a new shore. After winning the game, Gina gets devastating news that changes everything for her. Miss Jenn and Mr. Mazzara end up at the high school after lying to each other about their plans and seem to come to a better understanding of each other but causes mini explosion. E.J.’s major confession spree is not giving him the reaction from others he’d hope. Episode 8 “Tech Rehersal”: After the theatre is destroyed by the fire, the theatre group must scramble to find a replacement venue if they want to do their production. Carlos saves the day by having his uncle let them use the El Rey Theatre! Everything that could go wrong seems to be going wrong. From the lights to the P.A. System and Miss Jenn is freaking out. Nini and Ricky are still a little uneasy with each other after their conversation on Thanksgiving, but after discovering just how much history they have with each other does this mean they’ll be getting back together? Kourtney is put on the spot to sing and shows everyone just what she is capable of. Big Red and Ashlynn seem to be getting closer as the flirting heightens. When E.J. reads his auditon notes he takes proving Miss Jenn wrong on a whole nother level. Even though Kourtney isn’t happy about being without Nini, she finally understands just how much Nini loves and deserves to be on stage. So she takes the initiative to give Nini the push she needs in getting to the Youth Actors Conservatory. Miss Jenn takes a fall and has a dream sequence with an OG cast member from High School Musical. Lucas Gabreel and Miss Jenn performs a song that makes her understand that her dream didn’t end or that she’s failed. She figures out that she can make a difference even if she’s not center stage of it all.
Be sure to check out the After Show hosted by: Chae’ Jones and Jeff Williams are talking High School Musical The Musical: The Series aftershow Episode 7 “Thanksgiving” and Episode 8 “Tech Rehearsal”. Happy New Year Everyone, join us as we jump into these two incredible episodes

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