Tensions Boil Over On The Plot Against America – S1 E5 ‘The Plot Against America’ After Show

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One election can change the course of history, and in 1940, FDR’s defeat of Lindbergh may have prevented our own anti-semitic Holocaust here in the US. What would that look like? Not only does HBO’s groundbreaking new show explore the question, but so does our panel, offering sobering commentary and in-depth analysis about the cultural context of one of America’s most turbulent periods. Make sure you don’t miss a single episode!

It’s been two years since Lindbergh was elected president and the Levin family is going through some growing pains.  After their feud with Evelyn over Sandy’s attendance at the White House, Bess and Herman receive notice that they’ve been recruited for “Homestead 42” compliments of Evelyn and Rabbi Bengelsdorf.  Sandy is all for the move, but his parents believe it is a trap. Bess goes to plead with Lionel to no avail. Phillip goes to talk to his Aunt Evelyn to tell her that he doesn’t want his family to move across the country.  He begs her to send another family in their place, ultimately getting Seldon and his mother relocated. Monty has a new job, and his eyes on a new girl. Evelyn and Lionel get married and Lionel begins to see that his position in this economical, as well as religious, climate is not so secure.

  • Hosted by DeAnJilo Friday @deanjilo  Cody Epperson @codyyepp Kittie Kaboom @kittiekaboom  Ricky Vitucci @rickyvitucci

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