Tell All FIGHT Details + Deavan & Avery Feud Over RACISM

Who was left with bruises after that infamous Tell All fight? How did Loren & Alexei’s baby reveal cause a new feud with Ashley?? Join the conversation LIVE as we cover the week’s hottest 90 Day Fiancè news headlines! Share your thoughts on Rebecca, Avery, and Angela’s physical altercation, Omar’s visa status, Deavan’s comments about racism in the US, Caesar traveling to Ukraine to meet Maria, Aladin’s claims that Laura catfished him & he has a new love, Nicole’s dad’s drug & battery arrest, Jay’s possible sugar mama, Ben’s ex wife setting the record straight on his financial woes, Corey professing his love for Evelin while still suspecting she’s with Raul, who Larissa accuses of planting drugs to get her deported, details on the new cast, and much more!

90 Day Fiancé has become such a phenomenon, there’s no way we wouldn’t jump on board and get hooked!

Luckily we’ve put a whole team behind this great series in the form of after shows for all spin-offs as well as daily short-form news and a weekly long-form news show!


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