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What are the struggles that go along with being a teen mom? On the TEEN MOM AFTER SHOW, we answer that question and more as we follow the moms as they navigate their lives through relationships, jobs, friendships, and hardships after being teen moms. We’ve got you covered as we give our opinions on the show and serve up the tea on what is happening in the teen mom universe. AfterBuzz TV’s All Things Teen Mom show has you covered on discussing every latest episode of Teen Mom and all it’s spinoffs!

Episode Recap

This episode sees the after math of Mackenzie losing her mom. She is severely depressed and mentioning suicidal thoughts. She is reaching out for help that Josh is unable to give. They have multiple fights because of their communication doesn’t work. Mackenzie also points out the difference in their children and how one is more emotional like her and one is more stoic like Josh which scares her. She wants both her son and Josh to know its ok to be emotional and sensitive. Their story ends with Josh telling her that even though opening up and being vulnerable is hard for him, he does love her.
Amber’s new guy Dimitri is flying into town so they can meet in person. Gary goes to the airport to pick him up so Amber won’t be spotted with someone new. Gary also brings Amber some condoms so she doesn’t wind up in the same predicament as she was just in with Andrew. Amber and him go over to Gary and Christina’s house so Dimitri can meet Leah and we learn he is visiting for three months.
Macy talks with Bentley about the prospect of him going to private school. They go and take a placement test to see if he could get in and Macy calms him down as he expresses his anxiety about taking the test. She lets him know that she knows how he feels and she promises he’s going to do great which he does. She then makes sure he knows that the school is very expensive and if he goes he has to work hard and do well.
Caitlyn and Tyler’s friend Ashley who has been staying with them after being arrested for breaking parole, gets caught in a lie, which breaks the rules they had set in place. She went to an ex’s house when she told them she was at a friend from works house. Tyler saw his car he let her borrow at the exes house and took a photo. They have a serious conversation about lying and falling back into bad habits. It worries them because they have dealt with addicts before and doing small things like this can lead to a relapse. They let her know if she continues lying or they catch her using she can’t stay with them anymore. She tearfully promises to be better and says she will earn her trust back. Caitlyn also decides that the timing is not right for her to go to veterinary school.
Cheyenne enrolls Ryder in to a pre-pre school so she can start learning to be social with other kids and start the development she will need. Cheyenne is having some problems with how eager Ryder is to go to school and states that she is the only friend Ryder needs. Taylor is back home with her friends and says its really hard to be away from Cory and also says her dad is very emotional about her pregnancy and cries every-time he sees her belly.
Today’s show was hosted by Briana Phipps and McKenzie Fayne.

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