Taking a Look Back at Clare Crawleys Time on the Bachelor

Clare Crawley’s, season on The Bachelorette is about to start, so let’s take a look back at her time on Bachelor Nation throughout the years.

Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette is about to start, so let’s take a look back at her time on Bachelor Nation throughout the years.

We were first introduced to Clare on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor back in 2014. Clare got viewers attention from the start when she entered the mansion on night one with a fake pregnant belly. Clare wanted to let Juan Pablo know from the start that she was here for love, in hopes to get married and start a family.

Throughout the season, Clare made her mark as one of the front-runners. Her connection with Juan Pablo was very apparent to viewers and the other ladies in the mansion. One night in the middle of the season Clare and Juan Pablo snuck away for some extra alone time and had a very intimate kiss in the pool. All of the women knew how much extra time Clare was getting throughout the season, and it caused some resentment directed at her from the other ladies. However, Clare always stayed true to herself and was very open about her struggles with losing her father at a young age. Clare was looking for a guy that reminded her of her father.

While she was hopeful that that guy was Juan Pablo, at the final two, when Juan Pablo broke up with her, Clare quickly realized he was never going to be that guy. It might have been one of the most dramatic breakups of all time, when Clare stormed off after being dumped and let Juan Pablo know that “she would never want her children to have a father like him.”

Even though Clare didn’t find love in Juan Pablo’s season, she made a big enough impression on Bachelor Nation and was asked back for Bachelor in Paradise. She was on the very first season of “Paradise” where she quickly got into the groove of dating some new guys.

What Clare liked most about BIP is that there were more options and she was able to further explore what she was looking for. While Clare went on many dates and had a brief fling with contestant Zack Kalter, there was no love there for her on the beach. So they asked her back, for Bachelor in Paradise season 2. She did not have any luck finding Mr. Right there either, and was eliminated after week three.

Just a few years later, after her back to back seasons on Bachelor in Paradise were over, Clare was asked to compete in the new spinoff; The Bachelor Winter Games, which were held in 2018. At this point in Clare’s life, she was able to process her time on the previous shows and was ready for a new chapter and optimistic about a new love connection.

During The Bachelor Winter Games, which was filmed in Vermont, Clare found a couple new connections with two different international contestants, Chritian and Beniot. She ended up leaving the show mid season single, but surprised all of us at the reunion where she announced she had rekindled things with Beniot. Even more shocking, they got engaged at the reunion! Fans did not see it coming, but, just weeks after their engagement, Clare and Beniot ended up breaking up and Clare was back to being single.

Which brings us to today. Or just earlier this year when Chris Harrison announced that Clare was going to be the bachelorette! This had America very shocked as no one expected Clare to be chosen. This meant that Clare was going to be returning to the Bachelor franchise for the fifth time and that would be the oldest bachelorette to date, at 39. Clare’s season of filming was pushed back months due to Covid-19.

However, they ended up filming her season at a resort in Palm Springs just a few months ago. There has been lots of controversy in the press about whether or not Clare found love and left her season early. There were also rumors that she was replaced by Tayshia Adams. We will soon find out, since Clare’s season starts airing Tuesday October 13th on ABC.

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