Tad Battles An Injury & Uncle Victor Struggles To Get Over Ava

Uncle Victor Prepares to Lose New Found Love and Tad is in Jeopardy of not Playing in the Next Game from Injury in ‘Ashley Garcia’ Series.

Russell Ray

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Posted On: July 31st, 2020 10:09 pm pst

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Tad comes into the coffee shop with his new injury with bad news, the doctor said he actually doesn’t have an injury. Ashley comes up with the conclusion that his injury is a mental thing. Uncle Victor and Ashley take time to  figure out a good plan to help  Tad. 

Ava and uncle Victor begin the packing process for her big move to Antarctica. Victor has an unusual and uncomfortable conversation about their relationship. Ava offers her favorite stuffed animal for him to hold while she’s gone for the year. Let’s be honest here, losing someone you care about dearly to a move can be heartbreaking. Thoughts of other relationships or being forgotten can make a person restless. Uncle Victor goes to the coffee shop in order to talk to his business partner Nico about Ava. Victor explains that he hasn’t gotten any sleep since the conversation between him and Ava. Nico suggests he go to a “witch doctor” to help him get over Ava for now. He takes the business card from Nico and considers the solution. 

Tad and Ashley begin a “therapy session” to find the problem of Tads injury since it isn’t a physical one. Ashley finds a problem within two questions. Tad admits that his girlfriend, Bella stresses him out. Ashley gives him a homework assignment. She tells him to go and talk to Bella in order to lower the stress level. In my opinion, Tad needs to get rid of his girlfriend and move on. His stress level is so high, that he’s unable to move his arm and shoulder. Bella walks in on him and Ashley talking about their relationship and Bella breaks up with Tad. Tad chases her down to explain everything and ends up single. 

Uncle Victor finally meets up with the witch doctor and she gives him specific instructions to get over Ava. He’s told to get rid of the stuffed animal Ava’s given him because she harbors such strong energy, it powers through the stuffed animal. Victor is also given a homework assignment; to steal back his silk pajamas that he gave to Ava while she’s away. Victor successfully steals back his pajamas and despite what the witch doctor tells him, Victor hasn’t gotten rid of the stuffed animal. 


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