Sydney To The Max Stars Ruth Righi And Ava Kolker On Season 3 & What Their Characters Taught Them

Sydney To Max season 2 ended with the celebration of turning 13, learning about yourself and how even the ones we’ve lost are always with us, reminding us about the importance of home. Ruth Righi and Ava Kolker talk season 3 of the hit show!

Chae’ Jones chatted with Ruth Righi and Ava Kolker for a virtual junket of the upcoming season 3 premiere. I chatted with both Righi and Kolker about filming during COVID, new music for Sydney, and more during the interview.

After three seasons of being Sydney and Olive, Righi and Kolker were asked what their characters have taught them. “We are going through a lot of the same things our characters are going through because we are around the same age. Just so many things they go through we kinda learn from each other in a sense which is really cool. See how our characters go through certain things, how we go through things, how we can do better. I think our characters find themselves in a bit more sticker situations than we do but yeah it’s great to learn from them and see what they do.” Righi said.

Kolker added. “Yeah, I think they’ve taught us a lot. I think we are definitely learning from our characters and I also think we take things from our personal life into our characters and we portray them and act. It’s good to know like everybody kind of can relate to you in a way and everyone your age is like going through the same thing and I think that is definitely something I’ve learned from my character. A lot of things that she is going through that they’re going through things that I’m going through, like me alone and with my friends and relationships.”

Season 3 is definitely going to shake things up not only for your favorite characters but for the viewers as well. When asked if they could describe season 3 in one word, Righi replied, “I know we say this word a lot, but important. Important in every possible way. It’s important as it tackles new topics. It’s important because it kind of brings family together. You see different dynamics with family and friends. It’s just great.”

“I would say…I feel like deep in a sense because everything is a lot deeper than the last couple seasons. In every way in relationships, in characters, in storylines, in situations just everything just gets a lot deeper.”

Both Righi and Kolker picked the perfect one word to describe season 3, “onion”. An onion is layered and the more you pull back the deeper it takes to get to the center of things. Just like people. We are complex and layered individuals and this season really plans to pull back the layers that everyone will be able to relate to.

Watch the season 3 premiere of Sydney To The Max this Friday, March 19th!

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