‘Sydney To The Max’ Stars Christian J. Simon and Jackson Dollinger Talk Season 3, Tackling Microaggressions & More

Chae’ Jones chatted with Emmy Nominated Christan J. Simon and Jackson Dollinger for a virtual junket of the upcoming season 3 premiere.

This may be the show’s boldest season yet. They’re going to be tackling a lot of important and relevant topics that everyone no matter the age will be able to relate to. When asked what favorite storyline or issue is their favorite, Simon replied, “My favorite storyline would be the microaggression episode. Um, that’s really personal to me and I’m very proud of it. So basically I can tell you a little bit about it. It’s about Sydney and Leo and they’ll show both their experiences dealing with microaggressions and the episode will teach kids and viewers at home what a microaggression is. Also, open their eyes to people who’ve gone through that and don’t know what it is. So I’m really excited and it will also teach kids how to use their voice cause I feel like a lot of kids are not scared but they don’t want to get in trouble for using their voice and everyone has a voice. Especially when it comes to something like a microaggression you have to use it!”

The character Max is a product of divorced parents and something Young Max will have to do during this season is come to terms with the decision that his parents will really never be together again. Dollinger said, “I would say my favorite is the episode about coping with divorce because I feel like that’s going to be a really relatable topic for a lot of kids around the world. A little bit of my storyline for that is that Young Max kinda recruits Alicia to make a romantic dinner for his parents because they are about to be divorced hoping that they can bring them back together.”

Both Simon and Dollinger are excited to share that this season they’ve been working really hard during COVID to be able for the fans to see. They were excited to be back to work safely.

Before we jumped into talking about season 3, I wanted to take it back to the very season. When asked what their first impressions of each other Dollinger said, “I remember seeing you at the audition. When we walked out of the test….we kinda walked out together and we were like I hope you get this.”

“No seriously, we were actually rooting for each other. Like we became friends in the audition room. It was crazy. We seen each other from across the room like I hope you get it, man. I remember the day we pulled up to set because I remember the car you guys drive in. I bent down and I was like no way. We were so excited.” Simon added.

To learn how Simon and Jackson felt returning to set with the new COVID restrictions, what new 90s tech they had to learn to master, and just how the love story of Young Max and Young Alicia began to watch the FULL INTERVIEW.

Make sure to watch the season 3 premiere of Sydney To The Max this Friday, March 19th!

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