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AFTERBUZZ TV — Sword Art Online edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Sword Art Online. In this episode host Megan Salinas breaks down the episode in which after witnessing Yolko dispersing into polygons, Kirito spotted the hooded murderer fleeing from the crime scene and attempted to capture him. During the pursuit, the hooded murderer took out a teleportation crystal. When Kirito noticed this, he used his blade throwing skills to attempt to distract the hooded man, but the attack was blocked by the AREA effect while the murderer was not surprised by the attack. The hooded murderer then began to use his teleportation crystal, and, while Kirito was chasing him, the bell suddenly rang, preventing him from hearing where the murderer was teleporting off to. There to help Megan are co-hosts Liz Rishmawy, Katie Cullen and Tauri Miller. It’s Sword Art Online’s “Phantom Avenger” podcast!

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