Sweet Magnolias S1 E5 Recap & Official After Show with Actor Chris Klein & Actress Caroline Lagerfelt

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Sweet Magnolias: Episode 5: Dance First Think Later

Mother nature, a clumsy carpenter, and Maddie’s long-time rival seem to join forces to derail the spa’s opening. Tyler helps Annie when she gets in over her head. 

Months of hard work are about to pay off as the grand opening of The Corner Spa finally arrives! But mother nature, an unforeseen accident, and petty rivalries threaten to stall or cancel the opening all together. Helen, Dana Sue and Maddie band together and call on the help of friends to get the doors opened in time.  At The Corner Spa opening some surprise guests thrill the ladies while others stir up painful memories. Helen has made sure the opening coincides with Frances Winset’s birthday and it’s a beautiful celebration of heritage, legacy and new beginnings. Maddie and Cal share a dance and Helen and Ryan take their relationship to the next level. 

On the other side of town, Mary Vaughn is purposely holding her fundraiser on the same evening as the spa’s opening to raise money for the Serenity highschool baseball team so they can go to the finals. The fundraiser for Ty’s baseball team is a success with Paula winning an auction for a date with coach Cal, and Bill winning the night with making a large donation that will get the team to the finals in style. 

The kids follow up the night with an after party of their own at the highschool gymnasium. Annie is feeling out of place and gets convinced by Ce Ce to have a drink that turns into more than one. Fortunately, Ty comes to his friend’s rescue and makes sure a very drunk Annie gets home safely. But after she kisses him and  falls asleep, which throws him for a loop, he’s really wigged out when later, still drunk, Annie texts him gushing about the kiss. Ty is freaked out at these turn of events. He’s known her all his life and doesn’t know how to handle what has happened. 

Plus, actors Caroline Lagerfelt (Paula Vreeland) and Chris Klein (Bill Townsend) join the after show! Caroline reveals reading the script for the first time and falling in love with Serenity and it’s Sweet Magnolias, and Chris Klein reveals asking showrunner, Sheryl J. Anderson, why she thought he’d be ideal for the egocentric, deeply flawed character of Bill Townsend, and what her surprise answer was!

Join hosts Jaimi Alexander @JaimiAlexander, Bryant Santos @bryantsantos , Kelsey Meyer @kelsmeyer2 , and Tami Goveia @tamigoveia for the Sweet Magnolias episode recaps and takeaways.

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