Sweet Magnolias S1 E3 Recap & Official After Show with Actor Justin Bruening & Director Kelli Williams

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Sweet Magnolias Episode 3: Give Drink to the Thirsty

Delays in the renovation of the spa begin taking their toll on the ladies, Dana Sue’s stress continues to mount over work and home, Maddie reluctantly strikes a deal with Bill, and Kyle opens up to Noreen

The stress of renovating the The Sweet Magnolia Spa, the centerstone of new beginnings for Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue, begins taking its toll on the women while they continue juggling their own work/family lives. Dana Sue, in particular, feels like she’s losing her best self, sees how she’s alienating everyone she loves, including her daughter and the ladies “let it pour” in support!

Coach Cal continues to encourage Bill and Maddie to come to an agreement about how best to support Tyler as his grades and performance on the baseball team continue to drop. It’s clear that Noreen’s presence at the games is a distraction and Bill must make a painful decision in order to do what’s best for his son.

And the panel is joined by the director of Episode 3, Kelli Williams and actor Justin Bruening who plays coach Cal Maddox! Justin talks how he wanted to make sure his character Cal always remained respectful of Maddie, even is his wet tee shirt, as he navigates his feelings for her, and Kelli shares about the importance of the on set relationship between director and cast and the lightning storm during filming that had she and the cast running for cover!

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