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Sweet Magnolias: Episode 10: Storms and Rainbows

Prom night approaches, Maddie comes to a decision about Cal, Dana Sue is confronted by her past, and Helen calls an emergency Pour It Out session

As prom night approaches we see Ty unexpectedly accept CeCe’s invite to prom. Annie and Kyle make other plans for prom with some surprise faces.

Cal has his first dinner with Maddie and the kids but on Helen’s home front things are not so well with she and Ryan. Ryan states his case that he in no way wants children because of all the loss he’s seen in the world while Helen believes children are the hope of the world. In the end, he leaves, this time for the last time, and Helen is devastated.

Dana Sue and Maddie get an emergency Pour It Out request from Helen. The ladies try to console Helen with smoothies but the only thing she has on her mind besides tequila is having a baby. 

Cal tells Maddie he loves her which sends her into a tailspin. Then Cal’s friend arrives in town who also happens to be a baseball scout and approaches Ty. Ty believes this is his road to get into the major leagues. Maddie squashes that idea and is furious with Cal, blaming him for getting Ty’s hopes up and not consulting her.

Meanwhile, Bill is trying everything to clean up his act. He purchases tickets to the musical Hamilton so he can bond with Kyle, and spends a beautiful day with Katie where he realizes just how much he misses his family leading to him to ask Maddie to take him back.

Dana Sue sees two men from her past reappear. Micah, her business partner, is in need of money for his sick brother, and asks Dana Sue to buy him out.  And in a sudden twist, we see Isaac put two and two together thinking Micah and Dana Sue may be his biological parents. Dana Sue’s estranged husband, Ronnie, shows up. She needs Ronnie to give her a divorce so she can get her financials in order and help Micah. Ronnie has no intention of giving her a divorce and wants to get back together.

And in a horrible chain of events, prom night ends in horror when Maddie is alerted there’s been a car accident. To everyone’s shock, the wreckage shows Kyle is behind the wheel, unconscious, with an unknown passenger. 

Plus, sunshine and light, also known as JoAnna Swisher Garcia, joins the recap, and can’t WAIT to find out what the panel thinks about this dramatic episode. Will Maddie and Bill reunite? Who is the mystery passenger? Will there be a season 2? The panel asks all the questions!

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