Sutton Stracke Talks Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and More!

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Created by AfterBuzz TV, Host Jane Johnsen and Jeroslyn JoVonn interviews ALL your favorite Bravo TV Stars!

On today’s episode of AfterBuzz TV’s “Watch What Else Happens”, the most recent Real Housewives of Beverly Hills addition, Sutton Stracke (@SuttonStracke), sits down with Host Jane Johnsen (@JaneJohnsen_) to discuss her activism, cast relationships, and her hopes to have a tagline and a diamond next season. 

Born and conservatively-raised in Augusta, Georgia, Sutton is a southern debutante-turned-Beverly Hills-socialite. In her early 20’s, Sutton moved to New York City as an aspiring professional ballet dancer. She eventually became the Cunningham Dance Foundation’s Director of Development and the Augusta Ballet’s Executive Director. Sutton sits on various boards in New York City, Los Angeles, and Augusta, including the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. She was also named a Top Party Host in America, alongside Oprah and Michelle Obama, from esteemed The Salonniere for her famed star-studded soirees. She married childhood friend, Christian, in 2000 and they have three children – their daughter, Porter (17), and sons Philip (15) and James (12). Sutton and Christian divorced three years ago, and she is making the most of her newfound freedom. Once again pursuing her passion for creativity, Sutton is launching a concept store in West Hollywood, called SUTTON, that offers clothing, furniture, art, and decorative furnishings. She sees this as the perfect outlet to focus on once her children leave the nest. Sutton has recently begun dating again and met boyfriend, Michael, online. In addition to her Beverly Hills mansion, she owns an estate in Augusta and a three-bedroom apartment in Manhattan.