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AFTERBUZZ TV – Survivor: South Pacific edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Survivor: South Pacific. In this episode, host Phil Svitek breaks down the second episode in which on Redemption Island, Semhar recited poetry to comfort herself over feeling abandoned by her tribe. At Upolu, even though Coach already had an alliance, he formed a “needs to know” alliance with Edna. With lying in keeping his relation to Russell Hantz eating at him, Brandon revealed his secret to Coach and asked him to keep it to himself. Brandon gave his word that he would stick with Coach and their alliance. Christine found the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Brandon continued to project sinister and sordid motivations to Mikayla’s simple camp activities and so felt uncomfortable around her, saying she reminded him of Parvati Shallow and that he planned to vote her out as soon as possible. At Savaii, Ozzy used his past Survivor experience, looked for things out of place and discovered the Hidden Immunity Idol. Jim put forth a “3 plus 2” alliance plan of himself, Keith, and Ozzy as a core alliance with Elyse and Whitney as the “plus 2”. At the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, the men of Upolu blew a huge lead going into the crate stage of the challenge to let Savaii win the challenge. Back at camp, Coach was concerned about Christine having a Hidden Immunity Idol and suggested to his alliance that they flush the Idol by splitting their vote between Christine and Stacey with three votes for each. Brandon lobbied everybody to vote out Mikayla. Coach wanted his alliance to stick to his plan as he thought Mikayla was an asset at challenges and did not deserve to be voted out. Brandon lied to Coach and told him that Christine and Stacey would vote for Mikayla. At Tribal Council, Coach confronted Christine and Stacey about their votes. Christine and Stacey denied they had ever said they would vote for Mikayla. When they asked who Coach had heard that from, Coach refused to say until Brandon confessed to telling the two women to vote against Mikayla. When the vote came, the alliance of six followed Coach’s plan and split their vote. Mikayla also voted against Christine and she was sent to Redemption Island by a vote of 4–3–1–1. There to help Phil is co-host Steve “The Steamer”. It’s Survivor: South Pacific’s “Episode 2” podcast!

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