Survivor: South Pacific S:23 | Episode 1 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Survivor: South Pacific edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Survivor: South Pacific. In this episode, host Phil Svitek breaks down the season premiere episode in which the sixteen new castaways rowed rafts ashore to the Redemption Island Arena to await the arrival of two mystery players by helicopter. Coach and Ozzy disembarked. To determine which tribes the two returnees would join, Jeff gave them each an egg with either blue or red paint inside. The two crushed their eggs, with Ozzy crushing it on his chest, to reveal that Coach joined Upolu and Ozzy joined Savaii. Coach’s welcome to his tribe was cold, while Ozzy’s was warm. John requested that Jeff call him by his last name, Cochran, in the vein of past castaways that Jeff really liked. Jeff explained that Redemption Island was in play and that a Reward Challenge would begin immediately between Coach and Ozzy representing their tribes. They both struggled with the Tower of Hanoi puzzle, requesting help from their tribes. Savaii’s assistance was pivotal and Ozzy took the win. When Upolu arrived at their campsite, Coach tried to charm his tribe and overcome his cold greeting, while Christine went off to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Brandon struggled with a dangerous secret. He is Russell Hantz’s nephew and has “Hantz” tattooed on his back and arm. Coach formed an alliance with Albert, Brandon, Rick, and Sophie. Over at Savaii, Mark asked to be called Papa Bear. On day 2, Dawn had a minor emotional breakdown, which concerned Papa Bear and Ozzy. The first Immunity Challenge was won by Upolu in a close match. In addition to Tribal Immunity, Upolu received flint and was told that a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol was hidden at their campsite. When Savaii returned to camp, Semhar and Jim had an argument about Semhar’s effort and Jim’s criticism at the Immunity Challenge. Most of the tribe wanted to vote out Semhar due to her failure at the coconut throwing stage of the challenge, for which she had volunteered. Ozzy suggested that the tribe consider voting out Cochran for being physically inept. Jim was suspicious about Ozzy’s reasons for keeping Semhar in the game. Ozzy told Semhar that she needed to lobby the others in voting out Cochran. Jim told Cochran about Ozzy’s suggestion and Cochran became paranoid that he would be voted out. At Tribal Council, the tribe debated if Semhar or Cochran was to remain in the tribe. When the vote came, the tribe decided against Semhar and she became the first resident of Redemption Island by a vote of 8–1. There to help Phil is co-host Steve “The Steamer”. It’s Survivor: South Pacific’s “Episode 1” podcast!

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