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AFTERBUZZ TV – Survivor: South Pacific edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Survivor: South Pacific. In this episode, host Phil Svitek breaks down the episode in which when Ozzy arrived at Redemption Island, he spun his planned tale about being blindsided by Cochran to Christine. Both tribes arrived to witness the Redemption Island Duel and Upolu was stunned to see Ozzy in the duel. When asked by Jeff if he was surprised to be here, Ozzy laid it on thick with the resentment towards Cochran on being voted out, but Albert and Coach were suspect about the act. After Jeff announced the rules of the duel, he announced that the winner would return to the game. Ozzy crushed Christine at the duel when he retrieved all his keys and walked through the doorway without Christine retrieving a single key. Jeff told Ozzy that he was back in the game and that the tribes had merged. After the traditional merge feast, Cochran tried to play being an outsider to Coach, but Coach saw right through Savaii’s intentions and laid out exactly what they had planned. Coach told Cochran that he had a choice of leaving the Tribal Council vote up to chance after a split vote or truly leaving his former tribe and voting with Upolu. Cochran decided to leave his old tribe and he told Upolu all about Savaii’s plans and tribal politics. Cochran considered himself a mastermind, but not an evil mastermind so he returned the Hidden Immunity Idol to Ozzy. Cochran and Dawn talked about being an outsider within their own tribe and she considered flipping tribes with Cochran. At the Individual Immunity Challenge, after other players were eliminated, Dawn beat out Sophie while Ozzy beat out Albert. When the tribe returned to camp, the former Savaii gathered to congratulate themselves on their pre-merge plan working and to vote for Rick. They thought Upolu would vote against Whitney, so Ozzy would hand the Hidden Immunity Idol to Whitney at Tribal Council. Little did they know that Cochran immediately told Sophie about the Savaii’s plan. Dawn asked Cochran what he was going to do and he told her that he was thinking of flipping tribes. While she had earlier considered joining Cochran, she now wanted to stay loyal to the tribe and warned him to not flip. At Tribal Council, Upolu declared that they saw through Savaii’s charade at the Redemption Island Duel. Ozzy told them to call their bluff. Before the votes were read, Ozzy played the Hidden Immunity Idol for Whitney. But Savaii had guessed wrong as Upolu did not cast a single vote for Whitney; the vote split along tribal lines with six votes apiece against Keith and Rick. Jeff called for a revote with the castaways only being able to vote for Keith or Rick. On the second vote, Cochran flipped to the other side, cast his vote against Keith and Keith was sent to Redemption Island by a vote of 6–4. After the vote, Cochran turned around and told Ozzy and Jim that he had flipped and that he would explain his vote later. Jim called him a coward, and Brandon immediately came to his defense and told him to stick close to him as they left Tribal Council. There to help Phil is co-host Steve “The Steamer”. It’s Survivor: South Pacific’s “Double Agent” podcast!

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