Survivor S40 E14 Recap & After Show: Which winner will win the war?!?

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The veteran reality series hosted by Jeff Probst brings its 18 castaways to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, for its 30th installment. This season sees the group divided into three tribes — the white collars, which includes a corporate executive and a retail buyer, the blue collars, which includes a postal worker and a contractor, and the no collars, consisting of free-spirited individuals who are known to break the rules. The three tribes approach the game and how the interact with each other differently, while all sharing the same goal, to earn the title of Sole Survivor.

Episode Recap

It’s finale night, and as are the rest of us, Jeff Probst is quarantining and therefor hosting from his garage.  We’ve come a long way in season 40 – the craziest season yet, but we have an enormous 3 hour finale to get through so let the fun begin.  First up is the battle back from Edge of Extinction where, unsurprisingly Natalie wins her way back.  The only surprising thing was how much she struggled – good thing she had three advantages going in.  We then power through three tribal councils.  Michelle wins the first immunity of the night and forms a quick alliance with Natalie who still has a hidden immunity from the Edge.  Tony can’t get his alliance on the same page to split the votes and when Natalie plays her immunity both Tony and Ben are forced to play theirs, resulting in no votes counting at all!  In the re-vote, Denise heads to jury.  Going into the second immunity challenge, Natalie finds a hidden immunity idol guaranteeing her safety yet again.  This time, Tony won immunity and Ben gave Sarah permission to vote him out.  Natalie played her idol and Sarah – to the surprise of Tony, voted Ben who went to Jury.  Down to the final four and the final immunity challenge and who wins yet again?  Natalie!  She chooses Tony to battle Sarah in the fire making challenge and Tony is victorious.  The final three head to the final tribal council where they plead their case to the jury and in the end Tony wins the two million dollar prize in a landslide 12-4-0 (Tony, Natalie, Michelle).
  • Hosts:  Mike Thieling, Timothy Michael, Veronica Valencia, Steve Ganey

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