Survivor S40 E13 Recap & After Show: Back to back! Two castaways are sent to the edge

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The veteran reality series hosted by Jeff Probst brings its 18 castaways to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, for its 30th installment. This season sees the group divided into three tribes — the white collars, which includes a corporate executive and a retail buyer, the blue collars, which includes a postal worker and a contractor, and the no collars, consisting of free-spirited individuals who are known to break the rules. The three tribes approach the game and how the interact with each other differently, while all sharing the same goal, to earn the title of Sole Survivor.

Episode Recap

Jeremy and Michelle find themselves on the bottom, but Sarah doesn’t fully trust Nick. Cops ‘R’ Us come together to strategize against Nick, but after he wins immunity, it’s time to re-think the vote. Ben attempts to play both sides, tasking Jeremy with getting Michelle’s 50/50 advantage. Nick finds himself in the middle of the vote and is ready to make a move. At the first tribal, Michelle plays her advantage for herself, and Nick sticks with Cops ‘R’ Us, sending Jeremy to the edge. Back at camp, Nick tries to repair his relationship with Michelle, and an ‘advantage’ from the edge brings them together. At the next challenge, Ben has a disadvantage played against him, and Michelle wins immunity. After the challenge, Nick and Michelle propose voting out Ben, but Tony wants to vote Denise, and Sarah still doesn’t trust Nick. In the end, Nick’s loyalty was questioned and he was voted out. It’s the last day Edge of Extinction is in play, but who will get back in the game!?
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