Survivor: Philippines S:25 | Survivor Smacked Me in the Chops E:1 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Survivor: Philippines edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Survivor: South Pacific. In this episode, host AJ Gibson breaks down the episode in which the fifteen new castaways, already divided into three tribes, were brought in by boat; the three returning castaways were introduced and assigned to these tribes. The tribes were then given sixty seconds to offload as many supplies from the boat to rafts to start their camps. At Matsing, Russell, who had taken a leadership role in his previous appearance, tried to step away from that role, but still ended up making most of the tribe’s decisions, irritating the others. Russell found a clue for the hidden immunity idol, and while successful in hiding it, was caught reading the clue by Zane. Russell asserted that anyone looking for the idol would be voted out. The new castaways in Kalabaw immediately targeted Jonathan as their first elimination, while Jonathan began searching for the hidden immunity idol, coming across the clue for it. Dawson recognized Jeff as a baseball player, but kept this information to herself. On Tandang, Michael formed an alliance with RC, Abi-Maria, and Pete; Michael also privately told Lisa that he recognized her from her acting career. At the Reward/Immunity challenge, Kalabaw edged out Tandang to win, while Matsing ended up losing the challenge. At Matsing’s camp, the tribe blamed their loss on Russell for poorly choosing roles for the challenge; Zane then asked the tribe to vote him out because he said he did not do well at the challenge. Zane claimed this was a plan to gain the tribe’s sympathy and to instead vote for Russell. Zane, Malcolm, and Denise considered if Russell had the hidden immunity idol already and swapping votes to flush it out. At tribal council, the tribe focused on Russell’s poor leadership, which he apologized for being the self-described dictator of the tribe. When the vote came, Zane was sent home by a vote of 5–1. Before the tribe left, Jeff Probst gave them flint. There to help AJ are co-hosts Ryan Allen Carrillo, Natalie Tenerelli (Redemption Island),Survivor One World’s Christina Cha, and special call-in Chelsea Meissner (One World Runner-Up). It’s Survivor: Philippines’ “Survivor Smacked Me in the Chops” podcast!

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