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AFTERBUZZ TV – Survivor: Philippines edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Survivor: South Pacific. In this episode, host AJ Gibson breaks down the episode in which on day 29, tree mail contained envelopes with $500 for each castaway, signaling that that the day’s Reward Challenge would be a Survivor Auction. Money and items won could not be shared. Knowing that she was next to be voted out, Abi-Maria held out of the bidding until she saw a note, which she immediately bid at $500. Carter opted to exchange his baked potato for the bags of rice and beans to feed the entire tribe. Abi-Maria decided that she would try to stir things up in the tribe by feigning that the advantage she won in the game was much more than it really was. She told Malcolm that she was not going to the jury at the next Tribal Council, implying that she had another Hidden Immunity Idol. At the Immunity Challenge, she continued this feint when she faked that the note she won at the Reward Challenge was a two part note. She stated that one part of the note awarded her a double-bye into the final stage of the challenge, and that she would keep the other part to herself. She then tore up the note. Denise and Lisa got the question wrong and added the extra weight to begin the challenge. With five moving on to the second stage, it was only Lisa who was left behind. At the second stage, Denise got her question wrong again, making her extra weight 10%, while Carter and Michael added 5%. Jonathan and Carter moved on to face Abi-Maria in the third stage. Carter got the question wrong again, adding to his burden. Well rested and without any weight, Abi-Maria breezed through the stage to take Individual Immunity. Back at camp, the alliance of Denise, Lisa, Malcolm, and Michael agreed to vote out Jonathan. But Lisa was again wavering and told Jonathan all about the alliance’s plans. She told him that she would be staying loyal to her alliance and to do that magic he does to try to save himself. Jonathan told Carter and Abi-Maria that they were going to vote for Denise, so as to circumvent the possibility of Malcolm playing his Idol, and then went to work on lobbying Michael. Jonathan told Michael that Lisa told him everything and that he was the swing vote. At Tribal Council, Jonathan continued to lobby Lisa and Michael to vote out Denise, but his pleas failed and he became the fifth member of the jury by a vote of 4–3. There to help AJ are co-hosts Justin Walter, and Survivor One World’s Christina Cha. Also joining the conversation are special guest Aras Baskauskas (Survivor: Panama). It’s Survivor: Philippines’ “Hell Hath Frozen Over” podcast!

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