Survivor: Caramoan S:26 | Persona Non Grata E:5 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Survivor: Caramoan edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Survivor. In this episode, host Justin Walter breaks down the “Persona Non Grata” episode in which on the night of day 10, Brandon told his tribe that he was volunteering to be voted out because he felt he was being selfish for leaving his family at home without him. He told the tribe that he considered sabotaging the camp as a way to get them to vote him out, but instead decided to tell them upfront to vote him out. However, by the next morning, Brandon had changed his mind and was back to staying in the game for his family. At the Reward Challenge, Phillip was the last one holding up his net, giving his tribe the win. When Gota returned to camp, everybody went looking for the new Hidden Immunity Idol. Reynold found it and told Eddie that he had it. Over at Bikal, Brandon became upset that Phillip was taking credit for the win at the Reward Challenge and the two argued over what Brandon called Phillip’s dictatorial attitude. The two tried to smooth things over and shook hands, but Phillip wanted Brandon voted out as soon as possible. The tension continued to simmer between them until day 13 when things came to a boil. Phillip told Andrea that he was considering throwing the challenge. Andrea passed this along to Brandon. Phillip and Brandon stepped away from camp to again try to settle things between them. Phillip told Brandon that he was not sure he could trust him. Brandon told Phillip that the Stealth R Us nicknames were demeaning and nobody liked him. Phillip said that if that was true, the tribe would vote him out. Brandon then told Phillip “let me give you a reason to vote me out” and then proceeded to dump the tribe’s rice and beans onto the ground. When the tribes gathered for the Immunity Challenge, Jeff asked several castaways how they were coping with the conditions. Brandon asked to step off the tribe mat to address Gota. He told them that he was going to give them a second chance and to not let Phillip get to the end of the game. Corinne raised her hand and spoke for the tribe stating that they wanted to forfeit the challenge and give up Tribal Immunity. This sent Brandon over the edge and he went off on his tribe. To ease tensions, Jeff called over Brandon to his side to let him have his say, but the meltdown continued. With things not settling down, Jeff had Erik hand the Tribal Immunity to Gota and stated that they will have a Tribal Council immediately at the Immunity Challenge site. Voting was done verbally. Brandon voted for Phillip, while the others unanimously vote for Brandon and he was sent home by a vote of 8–1. There to help Justin are co-hosts AJ Gibson, Ryan Allen Carrillo, and Survivor legend Jerri Manthey. Also there to help is Abi-Maria Gomes (Survivor: Philippines). It’s Survivor: Caramoan’s “Persona Non Grata” podcast!

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