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AFTERBUZZ TV – Survivor: Caramoan edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Survivor. In this episode, host Justin Walter breaks down the “Operation Thunder Dome” episode in which, on day 14, when the tribes arrived at what looked like a challenge, they were instead surprised by a tribal swap. With a smashing of paint filled eggs, the new Gota became Andrea, Brenda, Eddie, Erik, Malcolm, Reynold, and Sherri. The new Bikal was Cochran, Corinne, Dawn, Julia, Matt, Michael, and Phillip. The new tribes did not partake in a challenge, but instead returned to their camp sites. At the new Gota, Eddie and Reynold told Erik and Malcolm that Sherri had been gunning for them from day 1 and they would be happy to join the Favorites in voting her out. Meanwhile, Sherri told her side of the story to Andrea and Brenda. Andrea and Malcolm later shared notes about the factions within the former Gota. Over at the new Bikal, Phillip approached Julia about flipping to the Favorites after the tribal merge. Corinne and Dawn were not happy that Phillip was talking possible alliances with Julia. The Immunity Challenge was thoroughly dominated by Gota. With Brandon gone, Phillip and Corinne wanted to turn their attention to voting the other out, but they were stuck with each other as they had to keep the Favorites alliance in the majority. Phillip told Matt and Michael that he was voting for Julia and that they could join the Stealth R Us alliance if they followed one of his orders some time in the future. Matt and Michael told Julia that they would join her in voting for Dawn, but were really going to vote for Julia. The Favorites discussed voting out Julia or Matt, who was suggested to be a target by Cochran to break up his alliance with Michael. When the voting came at Tribal Council, the Favorites decided to vote out Matt and he was voted out by a vote of 4–2–1. There to help Justin is co-host Survivor legend Jerri Manthey. It’s Survivor: Caramoan’s “Operation Thunder Dome” podcast!

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