Survivor: Caramoan S:26 | Honey Badger E:2 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Survivor: Caramoan edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Survivor. In this episode, host AJ Gibson breaks down the “Honey Badger episode in which, after returning to camp, Brandon was upset about the vote against Francesca and told Erik that he wanted to channel his uncle, Russell Hantz, and play the game dirty. However, he changed his mind the next morning. Over at Gota, Shamar’s laziness at camp was annoying the tribe and the alliance of Allie, Eddie, Hope and Reynold wanted to vote him out. Sherri wanted to keep Shamar in the game to strengthen her own alliance so she told him that he was part of her alliance and to keep annoying the alliance of four. At the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, the Fans struggled during the ring collection stage giving the Favorites the win. Once the Fans returned to camp, Reynold and Shamar had a public argument over what Reynold saw as Shamar’s poor attitude. Matt considered joining the alliance of Allie, Eddie, Hope and Reynold in voting out Shamar, but Sherri tried to get him to vote against Allie. Reynold went looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol and found it. Laura noticed a bulge in his pocket just before they were heading off to Tribal Council, but she didn’t have enough time to warn her alliance and flush the idol. Instead, she outed Reynold’s idol during Tribal Council. Reynold confessed to having the idol and said that he would play it then to get rid of it. But when the vote was about to be read, he pocketed the idol. He regretfully watched, however, as Matt joined Sherri’s alliance and voted against Reynold’s closest ally, sending Allie home by a vote of 6–4. There to help AJ are co-hosts Justin Walter, Ryan Allen Carrillo, and Survivor legend Jerri Manthey. It’s Survivor: Caramoan’s “Honey Badger” podcast!

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